Almost 2 weeks since last posted this baby

the smell is amazing

getting fat


Looks awesome :sunglasses:

Looks really good :clap:

Did you enter the Bud of the Month contest??? Looks like you have a good contender there. Great Job :sunglasses:


Great pics looks healthy and a great prize for your efforts.

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@MAXHeadRoom don’t have the reciept for the order #

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If you login into your account in the seed shop and scroll down, it has a record of all your orders and order numbers.

@Srsloman That looks delicious . With those trichomes I would enter it .

@MAXHeadRoom, @Seeddog… i think I’ll wait until it matures more, maybe for June. thanks for the encouragement. im having a blast and my husband thanks me every day!


Yummy, beautiful bud porn!

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Is this your first grow ? Wow, you’re my hero ! I certainly hope my plants will be as beautiful !!!
Congratulations !

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thanks @JBC13. 3rd or 4th grow. WWA, have not been disappointed and able to keep something growing or drying a year now

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