Allinherheads Oct 21 grow start

This godfather og made a lb of top shelf and a lb of actually smokable trim which will become some nice extract


New vaccum chamber arrived so now after getting most ofmy everclear back through my distiller i can remove the remaining alcohol when making oil for carts and will do the same if i decide to give bho a try.


Nice what that contraption run ya. I need to get a vacuum chamber. I do open blasting and lose all the butane. Would be nice to have a recovery system lol.

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Couple hundred bucks which included the vaccum pump. Get at least the 3 gallon chamber the smaller ones are pretty useless. I wanna do bho but want a refrigerant recovery machine for recovering the butane also a spot in my shop away from the house.


@Covertgrower has a nice one maybe talk with him on one to get. Believe he uses bvv dotcom they have nice looking stuff lol. I need to hit the lotto tho or kick my kids out one of the 2. Lol. 3 kids keeps me a heated hose food and broke. Lmao


Cold will recover your butane in a closed loop system. The butane will chase the cold. To do a recovery just chill your tank with dry ice and you’ll recover 99.5%. Allowing plenty of butane for multiple runs.

I looked at the cost of an open loop system, the cost is less up front, but costs more per run because the butane is vented off and wasted.

Closed loop is higher, but your cost per run is less, because the butane is reused.

I purchased a BBQ 20lb butane tank, and filled the green extraction tank full, and haven’t refilled the green tank since the first time, and there have been 10 plus runs out of just the green one. @Allinherhead


Like when i started growing i will do plenty of research before i try this. I want to do closed. Thank you

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Well we went to a smoke shop and picked up this “water pipe” lol and these other accessories and took some rosin i pressed and gave it a try. I dont smoke due to nervousness about testing at work so needless to say im a lightweight. Welll i smoked this dab and i heve never been so baked. What a blast. The press was from aurora indica and the high was awsome. Lasted from about 630pm and at 2am i was still really high. Watched some tv, then played my guitars for a while. Up til 2am ( im usually asleep by 10pm) when i decided to go to bed and slept great.


Awesome. Smoking dabs seems to be an energy booster for me also. Smoking flower or a joint seems to lay me out for a nap fast. Lol. I do the old school dab rig u don’t waste really any wax with the bongs like u got u have to have a small sized piece and if u do too much then it’s a waste of wax so I just stick to the good ole dab rig and a torch. Souper clean tasting to it also if u wanted to try this u would be able to control it but better. Just heat tip and touch the tip to the wax. I did a dab thing like I’m tapping the tip in and out the wax til I have my good enough hit then stop. It’s pretty cheap too but the torches will get ya. Just buy a good old torch for the garage and some Coleman refill cans will work great and last a while. Here’s the dab rig I use

Luciva Portable Travel Pocket Clear 10mm Honey Straw Glass Set With Travel Box.