Allinherheads Oct 21 grow start

I put 8 clones from solo cups and put into 1 gallon planters veg for about 21-28 days take new cuts for cloning and flip them to for the effect i get mixed opinions. My n. city friends say so so and my wife cant tell not much affects her i think she has that dna marker that limits her response. And others say they love it. I been goin all cloudy w 10-20% amber. Also sinch only 1 gallon as buds form i up feedings to 2 then 3 then 4x per day. Might be wasteful might not. I capture runoff for garden and fig and blackberrys outside so not really wasted. I do 1 gallon so plants grow instead of wasting extra time rooting. This seems to give me the 4week between harvests i was working for.


Trim time, some buds are very bulbous some just nice and tight any ideas what causes this?


Looks kind of like it might have fox tailed a little bit. ?? Looks like it’s big enough…lol


Been a while so heres whats goin on.
4x8 memberberry 3 weeks to go.

4x8 aurora indica 70 days to go

4x4 memberberry clones in solo cups a week now

2x5 godfather og from seeds by ilgm just topped


They all look amazing brother :grin::beers:

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