Allergies are keeping me from enjoying edibles

My allergies are getting worse and now I am having problems enjoying edibles as I am starting to have allergie issues when I eat them.

What is the best way to extract plant matter from my tincture?

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Making qwet absorbs less chlorophyll etc. Then winterize your extract even multiple times. The colder the better for the qwet. Many use dry ice to get the material and the alcohol as cold as possible.


I use coffee filters and cheese cloth ,you get a strainer place a coffee filter inside then u lay ur cheese cloth inside the filter now carefully pour ur tincture through the cheese cloth and it will go through the coffee filter cheese cloth will catch the heavy material and the coffee filter will catch the finer material


You can pull the dry ice hash. Then strip that with COLD 190 proof alchohol. The rso you get will be much more pure than stripping bud/shake. I was doing it that way before i went oils. Very clean. Almost all chlorophyll gone. No plant matter left to pull what youre allergic to from. Unless allergic to thc/cbd. Just 1 way I have personally used. Rso used to be my goto till my levo.


Could you explain

Congestion, breathing problems and things associated with allergies and asthma.

I have a HI Machine and apparently the heat it uses adds to the problem as it reduces all of the plant matter into mush.

I strain it throughly with cheescloth, cloth strainer. I have not had good luck straining through a coffee filter, maybe I’m impatient.

I saw in a thread from BlackThumb Betty a device using vaccum to filter the tincture.

Which part?

I filter my QWET through 3 stages.

  1. Grade 100 Cheesecloth
  2. Coffee Filter
  3. Buchner funnel with a 20 micron filter with a vacuum assist

Seems to get me a very clean product.


About the oil. You said you changed from rso to oil.

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Yes. I bought a levo2 for infusing. Much less work. Very effidient. Butter/honey/oils. Use for any kind of edible.

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I don’t suppose you could supply a link to the funnel, filter and vacuum assist as I am seeing so many different options I don’t want to get the wrong one.

Thank you in advance.

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Oh ok. How do you calculate the dosing whithout making a qwet or concentrait first.

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Happy to:


Buchner Kit I got (cheaper ones are available, but I was familiar with the brand):

20 Micron filters:

And here it is in action:


Levo website has a formula. Can also find it elsewhere. If you have a ballpark thc content of flower then you just plug in the numbers. Pretty accurate. The honey is helping my brother a LOT. Add it to the feed for his feeding tube. Water and some honey…30 minutes for nausea to subside…medical ensure after. Chemo/radiation keeps him throwing up. This stuff works.

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Interesting… My Buchner is 500 ML - which apparently isn’t available any longer, and was $65. So mine is smaller than one linked.

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I use this calculator when doing oils:

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That be the 1 :grin:

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A metric ship ton of good resources on that site…