Allergic to female plants?

My indoor grow has been banished by the spouse who says she is allergic to the female plant. She also dislikes the odor, which enters the house when I open the grow room door because there is no outside ventilation or filtering. But she additionally claims it is making her eyes puffy and her tongue tingle. Even the small closest with 6" clones. I can imagine the effect from pollen, but there is no pollen here. The mature female is almost three months old and just finishing up flowering.

Has anyone heard of allergy to small female plants, or vapors given off by the bloom?

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I haven’t but a small inline fan, a short run of flexible ducting and a carbon filter and she wouldn’t hardly smell it at all… I wouldn’t think.

My wife doesn’t really care for the smell, but between the fan, a few ozium air fresheners and vanilla incense occasionally; she doesn’t smell it all

Be interesting to hear the answers to this

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Can she get an apartment? :joy::joy::joy:

Teasing of course…


My wife is also “offended” by the odor, thus the filter and fan. My Strawberry Kush is going to be harvested in 3 days and you can smell NOTHING at all in the house. I am willing to bet a good activated charcoal filter would clear up the problem like @bob31 suggested.

This is a good fan at a good price at Amazon. The controller is a great thing to have. You can help control tent heat and humidity with it. You can get a Amazon Prime account for thirty days for free. If you do not want to keep it, you can cancel before the thirty days are up. I got it because I order a lot of stuff. The Prime shipping is free and pretty quick, some things come to my house in 24 hours. And they can cover the box with an Amazon box so no one knows what you are getting.

Hope this helps.

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Is the filter used on the out side or the in side?

In can be used in the tent or outside of it. Pull air thru or push air into it.

Can be vented into the same room as tent with no odor!


I’m curious as to who won?

Yeah i’m wondering the same thing lol @ProctorPot @Rugar89

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My wife won. One has to accommodate the spousal unit. Now that it’s summer I can grow outside anyway. As a solo user with no wish to sell, my needs are modest anyway.

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