Allergic reactions and growing

Hello everyone,

A few months ago I bought up the question of using coco coir as a medium if you knew someone with an allergy coconut would be smoking your buds. Didn’t want to hurt my son’s new girlfriend, ya know?

The general consensus was it would be better not to risk it since there was no solid information as to whether there would be any effect.

That has now made me consider other allergens. I’ve seen a lot about cinnamon for pest control. I was thinking about using some and almost wanted to slap myself. My wife is allergic to cinnamon!!

It’s very rare that she will smoke. Something has to be bothering her pretty bad before she’ll hit it. But she will be hitting it from time to time. Needless to say, since I actually love her :heart_eyes:, I won’t be using any cinnamon.

Now, though, I’m wondering what other allergens could possibly cause problems for other people we smoke with, or cook for. And what responsibility does that thought place on me? Or possible liability could that pose for me?

I know some of these questions are rhetorical, but the thought process is not.

I’m not paranoid. I’ll still smoke with family and close friends, but should I/you mention the possible allergens that we may use when sharing the results of our care and time?

It would suck to see the headline “Woman dies due to an allergic reaction after smoking marijuana!” Far fetched? So was Zeka posing a threat to Florida. Tampa isn’t but a couple of hours from me. Closer than Miami. What city will it travel to next? International airports spread things quickly.

I welcome your thoughts…