All you auto growers

So this is my first time with autos. 3 alsakn purple and 2 purple haze. I know there are Probably a lot of things that play a role in how they grow how big they are blah blah blah. But just on average do these seem small to you for is you for day 24 since I planted in soil… I swear my photos were easily twice the size of these at this time … please don’t mind the one on the far right… she not doing to well lol.


here are my white widow autos at 24 days on dec 18


So they both were planted at the same time??? And from seed? So 24 days since you put them in soil


soon as the seed popped its root and I planted in a solo cup I counted as day 1. planted same day, one is smaller but I believe the reason is one is 2 gal fabric and the other is 7 gallon plastic pot

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Autos can be tricky for sure and do their own thing, I actually prefer them tho. Idk, maybe I’m biased cuz that’s all I’ve grown, but I like that they flower on their own without having to change the light schedule, and ILGM autos are fire. I’d say they all looks fine for 20-30 days old.


like @JiggaMan1987 said they do their own thing but they just blast off in gowth

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Ok peeps thanks I appreciate it

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@JiggaMan1987 so you do the watering the same right… wet dry cycles … there isn’t any different t special way for autos???. My.leaves have been drooping since day one and idk why but I know for sure I’m not over watering. I know under watering can look the same.

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Yeah I do the circle around the perimeter with watering for the first week and a half, then I do the circle but I try to fill the rest of the pot as well if that makes sense :joy:and if ur definitely sure it’s not overwatered, then like u said, underwatering will look pretty much the same. About how much water are u using right now when u water her?


what type of soil.are you growing in?

I’m definitely seeing dry soil in the pics u posted so u may be on to something with the underwatering

Hey they are both looking good, I know where u are coming from wanting to compare to make sure you are on the right track, but like said before autos are tricky compared to photos. I would be more focus on keeping them looking healthy, they will stretch, grow when they are ready. Also like said above there are a lot of different factors, your soil, your light, and making sure you keep a good environment for them to thrive. But as of now looking great nice big leaves and good color. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. Also like jiggaman said look a little dry but maybe you watered yesterday so if that the case no biggie


Looks about right they look great

Looks like you are having pH issues with the wavy leaves or your over fertilized. What are you feeding? What’s the schedule? pH? Ppm?

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@JiggaMan1987 the last watering I gave them all about 3/4 of a gallon or so and I surely water again when I stick my finger about 1/4 or so into the soil and it’s dry. In those pics the top soil was still damp under the actual plant itself. But should I be goving them a little water every other day or so. I thought I go with wet dry cycles. Or does that only apply once they get a little older

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@Bluntsmoke see I very well could be having a ph issue. I haven’t watered until run off yet because they were in 5 gallon buckets and they were so small I didn’t want to drown them I have been ph my water as of last 2 weeks. And only started giving them big bloom and nothing else and that was only just few days ago them leaves have been like that for the whole time almost … the soil im growing in is considered a cocao

The pot for pot medium is more of a coco blend very similar to FF coco loco and can be watered daily and to run off looking at your pics. It will also feed them up to week 4ish with PH water only. Around week 4 I would collect a run off sample and test your PPMs to start a nutrient schedule :love_you_gesture:

@OGIncognito ok u lost me on that first part can u rephrase that I’m a little slow lol. So I can go ahead and water till run off … but if I pump a gallon and a half thru there I dont want to water everyday I testes a 5 gallon bucket. Kof the same dirt and it took about gallon and half

after the 4 weeks, when the nutes run out of the soil, water to run off is watering slowly until water drips out the bottom, the water that drips out the bottom is what you test. remember to water slow because all of sudden it will be pouring out.

incase I didn’t see it, you do have holes in the bottom of those buckets?