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Yeah I would say my situation is somewhat unique. My neighbors are very nice and I have a good relationship with everyone, and have shared my weed with other neighbors. I have no problem securing the plants if that’s what the law requires, I just need to ensure that the language of the law could not be interpreted to mean outdoor grows are not compliant.
Again, my wife is in leadership at a large corporation, my neighbor is in a labor union at that corporation. It would be difficult for any labor organization to make an issue out of someone growing legally on their own property in compliance with the law. It would be simple for a labor organization to make an issue out of someone in management not being in compliance with the law…especially when testing for cannabis is done for some members of labor. This would be the “nuclear option” for this neighbor(or the union) and would make living side by side impossible.
My wife doesn’t care about my hobbies, nor does she consume cannabis. once the plants flowered, she really lost any “plausible deniability” regarding this issue. Oddly enough leadership at the company is currently struggling with testing for a substance that is legal in the state, but federally restricted.
The solution is simple, I can simply buy as much pot as I want at a dispensary…or grow inside…in just two grows I have more pot than I vape in a year. Gowing outside is simple and cheap…just may not be “acceptable” right now.
To be honest, I make sure I’m compliant in all endeavors around the house, so I get permits for everything, I’m mindful of nuisance laws etc. The other half of the couple is former law enforcement, retired and disabled by bad back and joints…if I could get him some he’d benefit a lot from using medicinally.


This is what happens on the commercial side when you aren’t following the rules and the commission drops by for an “impromptu” inspection.