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I heard the other day it’s not going to be July 1st​:rage::rage: not surprising.


they just gave a licenes out in luninburg, but no sales untill they licenes a quality chek lab.


So am I reading this right? Is this protecting parents who smoke/grow and are responsible with the ganja?

(d) Absent clear, convincing and articulable evidence that the person’s actions related to marijuana have created an unreasonable danger to the safety of a minor child, neither the presence of cannabinoid components or metabolites in a person’s bodily fluids nor conduct permitted under this chapter related to the possession, consumption, transfer, cultivation, manufacture or sale of marijuana, marijuana products or marijuana accessories by a person charged with the well-being of a child shall form the sole or primary basis for substantiation, service plans, removal or termination or for denial of custody, visitation or any other parental right or responsibility.

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Looks like I’ve found and answered my own question.

“Today, the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act goes into effect and Massachusetts parents will be better protected from unnecessary CPS intervention. While Massachusetts is not the first state to have provisions to protect parents, it is the first to have strong enough language to help ensure that parents cannot lose their custody, visitation, or parental rights based solely on their cannabis use. Question 4 included the strongest parent-protective provisions of any marijuana law that has ever passed in a US state.”


That’s a relief. I’d hate for my wife’s ex to make it an issue.


Yeah it definitely is a relief and every legal state should have this. I was dealing with a situation and was worried but it’s all over for now thank god. Not my child though but it’s good to know you’re rights.


Soon there will be more widespread lab research on the benefits of CBD.


Is there a new morning Garden hiding somewhere? This should be in there but I don’t have the time to search right now.


the floodgates have opened, apparently, with approvals “trickling” out. New shop opened near me with prices hovering around $400/oz.

My daughter goes to college in OR and announced the other day that there’s a retail shop near her that routinely has ounces for $75. The price in OR has fallen 50-75% in the past yr.

The liquor lobby has delayed implementation of this law successfully for years, pathetic.

I grew outside last year and thought I was compliant until I learned about required security…may restrict to indoors even when weather gets warmer.


I was at tractor supply and they had kennels and other caged in areas that would be an easy fix for security


Good idea!.
I just need a six foot high by 6’ wide end panel and a door panel an it would seal off the area between the back of my shed and neighbors fence. but honestly, it would draw more attention to the area than just leaving it wild.


Wait, are outdoor plants supposed to be secured somehow? Guess I was not compliant last summer either if that’s the case.

Of course I sometimes have more than 12 plants going too… usually not for more than a few weeks but still.


From my understanding the plants just can’t be visible from a “public place”
I’ve grown in a greenhouse & outside in MA without problems.


That was my understanding as well.


I have spoken to cops in my town and have been told there has not been one “bust” for cultivation since the law was passed. I grow behind my shed which is 10’ from my neighbors fence. Fine in veg, in flower it’s definitely a problem! What’s interesting is the language from the cannabis commission says “IN their home” (my emphasis).
What sucks is my wife is a senior executive at the same multi billion dollar company as my neighbor “I cannot have exposure here”.

Important Restrictions
• A home cultivator must be at least 21 years old;
• A home cultivator may only grow up to six plants in their home;
• If there is more than one individual over 21 years of age living in the residence who wish to grow
at home, the maximum number of plants that may be grown in a residence is 12 plants;
• The plants must be grown in an area that is equipped with a lock or security device;
• The plants cannot be visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft or other
optical aids;
• An individual cannot manufacture at home marijuana or hemp by means of any liquid or gas, other
than alcohol, that has a flashpoint below 100 degrees Fahrenheit; and
• A violation of the law regarding home cultivation is subject to a fine of up to $300 and forfeiture
of the marijuana.



I gotta say, this imprecise use of language “In the home”, TWICE is troubling. Obviously it should read “ON their property” and this MUST be intentional.
I have reached out to the cannabis commission for clarification.


so I wrote to the cannabis commission regarding the vague language on their one page pdf guidelines…and this is the response:

“Thanks for your email. Beyond our Guidance on Home Cultivation, I am unable to give further guidance. For best advice on questions surrounding state law, we recommend consulting an attorney. Thank you again and have a great day.”


Matt Giancola

Director of Constituent Services

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission

101 Federal Street, 13th Floor

Boston, MA 02110


@Snarky thats a Riot!! Would expect an answer like that from the CCC. The way i read into that is they are leaving it up to the local PD to enforce the laws. Which in my opinion is that most if not all police depts are not going to go around “looking” for grows but if a complaint comes in to them they will have to “do” somthing. What I do know is that i had a grow outside last year in my veggie garden wher my GSCE plants got over 10’ tall and could be seen frim the road. I didnt have any issues and i know fir sure that the cops definitely saw them. I would be more concerned with the public seeing them and then stealing them. Hopefully in the years to come all the taboo about marijuana will be gone. KEEP GROWING!!


Ditto @PigmanBBQ I had some very large plants in my garden in MA this summer and could be noticed if one looked hard enough from the street, about 200 feet away. Like you say, only if someone complains. I had no issues. My neighbors are cool I guess including the state cop for a neighbor two doors down.


@Sixpackdad :joy::joy::joy: he probly wanted some tips since his plants didnt look as good!!!