All things Massachusetts & MA Legalization


@TakSiX-420 Welcome to the forums. A word on language. F-Bombs are not allowed. :v:


Sorry about that! I got caught in the moment! Especially with all that’s been going on lately! I’m very fustated! We finally making ground, they wanna take everything away because they can’t make money off it!


I hear ya. I’m in MA too. I’m a firm believer in stealth. I stay under the radar and do my thing and keep my business to myself and all is good!

I don’t think we have anything to be concerned about, personally. Don’t let the press get you all worked up (which is their specialty)


We have delivery here in the Berkshires $140 min they deliver twice a week bought some hash that reminded me high school made me want to sing Another brick in the wall.


It would be cool if we could get a co-op going. I’m thinking along the lines of some of the brewery co-ops, like the Fair State Brewery in the Twin Cities. What I’m thinking is, what if we partnered up not for cultivation or selling, but for processing? If we all went in on things like presses, stills, etc. and shared the expense but also the ability to use this kind of expensive gear… something I’m wondering about. Doubt it’s even legal but it would be cool.


Check it out:

Imagine if we had a CannaMass Co-op!


@Rexx that’s awesome. I believe one of the dispensaries in Brockton delivers statewide now. I’ve also heard that will be coming to other dispensary locations as well!

@Bogleg great idea just couldn’t be done through the forum because we aren’t permitted to exchange personal information. But a great idea none the less. I think it would still require state licensing though.


Yeah I was thinking the genesis of something along these lines would start with a conversation, but that if it were to ever be realized, it would be done outside of ILGM, forums, etc. It would be an interesting topic for the canna convention in March.


I think that co-ops are doable and you will start seeing them popup as time goes on. I wonder if the MA CCC is addressing those or not?

Do you get the Cannabis newsletter from the Boston globe?


Well I think you just sold a subscription. I don’t get it - but I am going to find out how to start!


its free
I will get you the info

It is actually called “This Week In Weed”


The guy that runs it lists his email in the newsletter and you might want to email him and ask him what he thinks about co-ops!

The email it out every Saturday morning and it is loaded with good MA info!


Vermont is now legal for marijuana…legislature passed the change to the law!!!


the momentum is growing every day for legalization across the united states and the world!
good days in that aspect!


That’s a big precedent. First legislature to vote to legalize. Every other legalization has happened through a ballot initiative I believe.


@Capt_Seeweed congratulations on the legal cannabis. @Bogleg This is true. Welcome to the dirty north east Vermont! hahahaha. NY has to legalize, they have to, and besides that ill be satisfactory :slight_smile:


The northeast will all be legal in four years. The end is near.


Good news for would-be home-growers: The cannabis commission recently decided that retail pot shops can sell seeds and clones to consumers in Massachusetts.


that is great news @Capt_Seeweed


When is this supposed to happen? Now? I heard July that despencery would be able to sell.


When sales start…July…:pray: