All things Massachusetts & MA Legalization


I did climb Lafayette and Washington when I was a kid, and I wanted to die. I am so out of shape. LOL


Ok how do I become a caregiver cultivator ?


@fever Google the term. Not one license has been granted in MA!


Ok but if it was what are the logistics?

Also why haven’t they been granted? I have done lots of googling before asking here and didn’t find much


It looks like my monster plant will yield more than 10 ounces, so I’m considering options. What’s the legal status of prepared marijuana stuff? Like, if I have ten ounces of bud (legal max), and quart of tincture, and a freezer full of cannabutter? Is just the bud regulated?


Ask yourself a question…how will anyone know how much weed I have…loose lips sink ships…unless you tell someone else no one will have a clue. And I don’t think tinctures and edibles would be considered any way. At least that is the way I interpret the law. Your mileage may very…lol. :crossed_swords:


Okay, here’s a crazy thought: I’ve got way too much marijuana because I didn’t kill as many plants as I expected to (thanks to the help I got here!). I bet there are lots of people in need of marijuana who can’t afford it – you know, medical need. Could there be a way I could donate it to patients? Like, does anybody know any doctors with patients who need help?

This probably isn’t a very practical idea, but… Idano. I’d rather give it to people who need it than just hand it out to friends.



a noble gesture indeed,i hope you can get into the hands of someone who really needs it @Lia


It’s called caregiver under the law so you can now look it up and research your state


@Lia in MA I am a caregiver for my patient however there is no connection to that and gifting marijuana.

In MA you must visit a doctor who specializes in prescribing mj as a treatment. The Dr examines you and your records and then puts you into the state system. The state then issues the patient a card for mmj. The mmj patient can then go to a state certified dispensary and buy mmj and other related items. The mmj patient can name a caregiver who is authorized to purchase mmj for the patient and transport it for the patient.

Then along came legalization…

I don’t know where you live exactly but I know the majority of the dispensaries are located within the 495 belt.

I’m sure there are many folks that need mmj that aren’t located anywhere near a dispensary. Unfortunately I don’t know how you would find these people?


@lia maybe consider doing something like in this article I found on Leafly.


That sounds like an amazing program.

For all my thoughts of helping people in need… my carpenter told us he’d be so grateful for the gift of some cured bud that he’d be inspired to do some extra work for us at reduced pay. Like, rebuild some window sills for free. Out of gratitude, you understand.

So I may customize my next harvest for him and his friends.


That is more than permissible under the law. IMO @Lia People helping people is the foundation that life is built upon!


Hi Bob how do I become a caregiver? Was that too blunt?


@fever First you have to have a patient. Do you have a MMJ patient in the system?


Getting that info in the next week or 2


Once you have a patient registered in the state of MA MMJ System they get a PIN. You log into the same system and register as a caregiver to that person with that pin. It’s pretty much that easy. No heavy lifting.

If you google this term (copy/paste) it should come up as the first in the list

Medical Use of Marijuana Online System


AR still has nothing!!! lolol


Hopefully they will catch up soon! I gotta tell you that my goal is to never walk into another dispensary if i can help it. I much prefer growing my own! @BIGE


meeeetooooooooo!!! @bob31