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I thought the same! I’m glad I’m not alone!


The ACLU has set up an easy page for MA residents to tell thier legislators how they feel about the current MA rec laws in process


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This just came out today!

Marijuana in Massachusetts: Lawmakers agree to rewrite of voter-approved pot law, propose taxes up to 20 percent

Updated on July 17, 2017 at 3:56 PM Posted on July 17, 2017 at 3:22 PM

By Gintautas Dumcius
Taxes on marijuana could reach up to 20 percent, under a marijuana law rewrite Massachusetts lawmakers announced Monday.

The proposed taxes break down as follows: 6.25 percent sales tax, state excise tax at 10.75 percent and local option tax of up to 3 percent that can be set by cities and towns.

“I anticipate most communities if not all will be at 3 percent,” said Rep. Mark Cusack, a member of small group of lawmakers who worked on the compromise behind closed doors at the State House.

Cities and towns could also receive an additional 3 percent through a community host agreement with a retail pot shop company.

“In addition, we also require as part of the licensing process that [retail pot shop companies] have a host agreement with the host community, but we cap that at 3 percent of gross sales,” he said. That could bring the total potential tax rate at 23 percent.

The law passed by 1.8 million voters in November set the tax rate at up to 12 percent. The law, which broadly legalized recreational use of marijuana for adults age 21 and over, also called for a voter referendum process to determine the fate of possible retail pot shops.

Under the deal announced Monday, Massachusetts communities that voted in November against the recreational marijuana ballot question will be able to ban local pot shops through action taken by their locally elected officials. Communities that voted “yes” have to hold a voter referendum if they want to ban or restrict pot shops.

But after December 31, 2019, all communities will have to hold a voter referendum, under the proposed compromise. “Any community that voted ‘no’ last November I presume will be acting before that deadline,” Cusack said.

The deal could be on Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk before the end of the week. A vote on the deal in the House is tentatively set for Wednesday, while the Senate is expected to take it up Thursday.

The deal also includes a five-member Cannabis Control Commission to regulate the new marijuana industry. One appointed by governor, one appointed by state treasurer, one appointed by attorney general and the majority of those three select the next two.

The commission chair would selected by the treasurer and the executive director is chosen by the majority of the Cannabis Control Commission members. All of them would full-time and paid employees.

The lawmakers are also rewriting the medical marijuana law voters passed in 2012. The state’s medical marijuana program will be taken from the state’s Department of Public Health and rolled under the Cannabis Control Commission.

Medical marijuana remains tax-free under the lawmakers’ deal.

“We also ensure there is a bona fide health care patient relationship, meaning that it’s for a chronic disease or a serious disease, and ongoing,” Cusack said. “We don’t want people showing up like in California saying they’re stressed at work and they don’t eat well, ‘here’s your medical card.’”

The compromise would also allow physicians assistants and nurse practitioners will be able to prescribe medical marijuana.

“We have protected the right of adults to grow, possess, and use marijuana,” said Sen. Pat Jehlen, the Senate’s top negotiator.

“To give them access to a safe, legal supply, the bill removes barriers to the development of a legal market,” she said in a statement. “It protects the rights of medical marijuana patients, and gives opportunity to farmers and to people who have been harmed by the War on Drugs. The tax rate remains among the lowest in the country, and the same as in Oregon, often seen as successful.”

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When you read tag any MA Users I may have missed and I am sure I have missed a few. I can’t keep track!

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And then there is this. More important that the bull the state’s lawmakers are slinging!

Marijuana ruling by Massachusetts high court ‘first case of its kind in the country’

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 4:39 PM

By Michelle Williams
After the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Monday in favor of an employee fired after testing positive for marijuana, some legal experts are shocked.

“I can’t stress this enough, it’s the first case of its kind in the country,” said Dale Deitchler, a shareholder at world’s largest labor and employment law firm representing management Littler Mendelson and an expert on marijuana issues in the workplace.

Cristina Barbuto was fired after her first day promoting products in a supermarket for Advantage Sales and Marketing in 2014. A human resources representative informed her that she did not pass the drug test and that the company follows federal, not state law.

Barbuto suffers from Crohn’s disease, a gastrointestinal condition, and has written certification of her condition from her doctor. She did not use marijuana daily nor would she consume it before or during work, according to court documents.

She filed suit in Suffolk County Superior Court, accusing the company of discrimination in 2015 and was given the ok to sue by the highest court in the state on Monday.

This ruling affirmatively recognizing a level of worker-related protection under state medical marijuana laws.

“Massachusetts is not a state where such protections are written in the law so this is really significant,” Deitchler said. “The court created law.”

While both medical and recreational use is now allowed, workers still cannot use marijuana before or during work. Workers can still be drug tested and fired for failing a drug test if it is not part of an approved treatment plan for a medical condition.

Safety-sensitive employees such as pilots, school bus drivers, truck drivers, etc are not allowed accommodations for medical use of marijuana.


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I’m not crazy about their 20% tax though! @Sl1


Maine…it’s so near…lol


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It’s a Yankee thing… I am only joking!!!


I hear ya @bob31 that’s why I plan to keep on growing my own :heart_eyes:

Bought weed for the first time since early 2017 today…Moonshine Haze…great sativa high for hours…


Thanks for the tag… as long as I can keep growing I don’t see how the 20 percent tax will affect me… let the tourists pay the taxes! I presume once the stores are here I would visit and try some different strains but I d never be a regular customer


Yeah, I bet CT residents will pay 20% to MA, and we’ll all grow our own. :sunglasses:


@bob31…I’m glad that Mass allows Marijuana…and I expected the tax would be substantial but the rest is bull shit. I am so glad that I know how to grow my own…much cheaper in the long run and I know what is in my weed!


@Sl1 I agree with you! As long as I can grow my own I’ll be fine. Went to the doc yesterday and lost another 6 pounds because I’m off the gabapentin which put a lot of weight on me. I’m heading in a better direction and my nurse and doctor can see the beneficial changes in my body and mind …all from smoking weed instead of taking all those pres drugs!


@kapelady you’re an inspiration!


I saw your update on New Hampshire decriminalization and lead me to a couple of thoughts …
I grew up in the Hampshire and went to school with the brother of the speaker of the house. I do remember him in the house when we were smoking bongs. LOL so he should be on the side of legalization . You would like the speaker of the house Jeb Bradley, he’s really an outdoorsman, a 4000 footer, and a great photographer.
Also, I was going to ask you, do you have any dog trials coming up in central mass? I’d love to take my daughter to see you and your dogs?


I known Jeb I have climbed many a 4K with him. :grin: We have never talked politics only hiking or chit chat. He’s gotten himself in great shape and has an interesting work history. (I’ve ouncidentally completely the NH 4K 6 times around, the NE Hundred Highedt and The NorthEast 111, peakbagged like Jed a long time but hate the driving and monotony now just go where and when I like, mostly Western and Northern Woods ME).

I hope things get better in NH with respect to MMJ because it’s really gonna begin to hurt the tourism which is important to everyone north of Concord. I’ve always been cautious about driving with MMJ in NH. Years ago we kept a camper year round in Twin Mountain and did the drive from Boston friday nights. I was pulled over on I93 north of Ashland numerous times for no reason, never ticketed, they just wanted to get a look at who was driving. Not cool from this citizen’s standpoint.

That’s really neat that your daughter likes dogs! Next trial is at the fairgrounds in Greenfield MA sept 18-19 weekend! That would be fun and Pemi loves kids😍


Wow, you obviously no job Bradley better than I do. His brother jock, was a classmate of mine in Wolfboro.