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I looked into Bluetooth wireless motion activated cameras that don’t require light. I figure they’d be good in the very unlikely event some kids discovered the plants and took them. Then I’d have something to use for a police report. But, ugh, $200?

I guess if some kids ran off with eight ounces of frosty flowers ready to harvest, I’d wish I’d spent the money to nail their asses.


What are the rules for growing outdoors in mass? I would like to try it but don’t want any problems .


Can’t be visible from public. ( Doesn’t mention neighbors) and grow area has to be secured. I don’t think it gets too specific. I have the link to the law and I will post it in case anyone wants to see it in writing.


Section 13.
(a) Restrictions on personal cultivation. No person shall cultivate or process marijuana plants pursuant to section 8 of this chapter if the plants are visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids or cultivate or process marijuana plants outside of an area that is equipped with a lock or other security device. A person who violates this subsection shall be punished by a civil penalty of not more than $300 and forfeiture of the marijuana, but shall not be subject to any other form of criminal or civil punishment or disqualification solely for this conduct.


@bob31 what have you found about trading seeds in MA? Specifically mailing seeds within MA to other private citizens? Can’t find anything online and am trying to coordinate.


Mailing is Federal so always a chance to get intercepted. Put inside a pen to mail might be a good idea. Trading by hand is legal in MA, I would think anyway.


That was my thinking as well, looks like I’m taking a ride.


lol,the smugglers pen…i’ve recieved seeds this way…


I’ll meet you if you want someone to go with you.


Road trip! :nerd_face:

Let me get back to you on that - it may need to wait till I get back from FLa…although it’s a good idea and thanks


Road trip! :sunglasses:


~insert Mission Impossible theme song here ~


Lol. And I concur with Matthew. It’s not illegal to receive them by mail. Only to send them!

Legal to posses and gift in MA.


I found a dispensary in CO, whose website states they mail to all 48 states using Fedex, UPS & USPS!
If the gov’t isn’t cracking down on that publicly advertised offer, I think you’d be ok. :seedling::+1:


what is their name @North_East_Newbie?


There are a lot of them. Google "dispensaries that ship out of state"
Not sure if I am allowed to attach a link on this site?


gotcha,i’ll write that down… thanks @North_East_Newbie
i’d like to get some concentrate or drops


@North_East_Newbie as long as they don’t sell grow equipment or seeds its okay to post the link. or at least put the name

BTW how do you know it is a legit business?


Thanks Bob. I’m never certain as to what is allowed on here & don;t want to step on any toes.
the website I found appeared to be for a store front., but I didn’t look any further into it.
Not looking to get anyone in trouble, was just adding my 2 cents in.


not at all. All good, bro. I found a bunch using that search and I think it’s like craigs list search it for marijuana. All of them swear they are legit, but I don’t think so. It is interesting. It won’t be long till things change.

Don’t know if you saw the post a couple weeks ago about the Brockton Dispensary (MA Approved) that now delivers statewide. You have to have a MMJ Card and register on their website and they charge you some serious $$ for the delivery, but biness is biness as they say.


if they provided car,i would probably like that job!