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The law doesn’t specifically mention the smell.


I was gonna use some of that white plastic lattice to screen the one part of my yard that might be visible.

Also remember your grow area needs to be secured.


That will be tough to hide I think. I suppose if you have neighbors pretty close they might smell it. I have 1 neighbor that is far enough away I doubt they’d figure it out. They’re more likely to smell me smoking it :slight_smile:


I am using an inexpensive greenhouse



No worries bro we’re all learning!




Don’t want to attract anyone who might come snooping around.

I live in a small city, @bob31 “thickly settled” sign in my neighborhood :hugs:


Thanks for the heads up Bob.


Yea…law doesn’t mention smell… :nose: lol
My problem is I have neighbors all around me…
Maybe hide them among the wife’s house plants she puts outdoors


The law states, if I’m not mistaking, the plants can’t be visible from a
"public place" or something like that. I picture that as being a road, park, public ways, etc. I’m not sure a neighbors yard would be considered public. Curious now…


I have sketchy neighbors on the side that would likely steal it :triumph:


Right, would be more of a concern to me :slight_smile:


My only neighbor. Pretty far and obscured view.


I’m starting to think I’ll leave them in containers and put them on the front deck… then I only need to worry about Fed Ex and UPS…lol


They’ll be looking for stuff to deliver to your house! :joy:


I’m on a dead end street pre cul de sac. I have the same nosey neighbors. I’m gonna share if they want some. I’m trying to be discreet as well… @Sl1 @Capt_Seeweed


Do it if you can! Jealous :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Someday I’ll move back to the country, but for the next 15 years I guess I’ll be stuck growing in my basement and following your outdoor grows .


@Sl1 you know you wanna do it!

Here’s one. You can hide it between the tomato plants


Oooh, this is a great question.

I live in a VERY small town. Keeping it hidden from Public space won’t be hard. Trellis, camo plants, easy.

My neighbors are very chill, all their kids are grown, and most of them already know I’ll be growing outside. Hell, they’re ready to come over for a smoke in the sunroom.

As for my “security device,” I’ve got a fence and two dogs. :tipping_hand_woman:

A motion sensor light doesn’t make sense​, of course. Im considering a camera. We’ll see how much money I’m willing to spend the time comes.


Trail cam sounds like a good idea @Lia …it would have to be infrared for any night stalkers sneaking around…


I got one a few years ago and they aren’t expensive… The batteries are a pain. Mine can also be plugged in.