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I have a photography project and this is my dark room


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I don’t think you need to worry about it. I’m sure they’ve seen everything already :slight_smile:


Inspector came today – a former city cop. My husband was walking him through the house, and started explaining about the marijuana before they got to the rooms where they are. Inspector said he had a friend recovering from cancer treatments and marijuana helped her a lot. Saw my nursery, said, “nice.” And moved right along.

Hurray legalization!


It’s good to see how mmj is helpin a lot of people an more people are seeing it as a medicine and not so much a threat to society anymore


Excellent. I thought you’d be okay :slight_smile:


I went to the marijuana control commission hearing meeting held 4/10 in Shrewsbury…after the pols heard the usual blah blah blah from each other one idea did hit me as important: leave some room for the small farmers of Massachusetts to make some money from this adventure. Also the amount of misinformation is mind boggling: did you know a home grower can get 3000 joints from one plant? And that a home grower with 12 plants and 4 grows per year could net $ 200k in black market sales?
Please please Massachusetts residents, write, call or visit your representatives and senators, tell the truth about the benefits and opportunities that legal grows provide. Especially tell them about the taxes you are paying and the people you are employing at the local garden shop!!


@Lia good deal!

@Patsbasement that is interesting. I didn’t know that they were holding hearings? I guess I need to go read up. They are the folks that control the MMJ in the state correct? When I searched that i don’t find anything. Do you have a web address for me so i can take a look at this?

@bob31 this is one place to start but they have not updated since Jan
More later
John in Worcester


This is why we can’t get anything done in this state. Look at all the new bills introduced by these baffons. Who has time to read thru all of these?


Who do we call? I live near Worcester.

Also I read Roberts article on john sessions’ comittees. Some take away:

  1. They are reviewing lots of things including but not limited to mmj.
  2. One of those is people’s civil rights being protected
  3. We know sessions doesn’t care about people’s civil rights so why would he make progress in any of the other areas (lol)
  4. Trump likes money and this industry has many adjacent revenue streams including education and supplies. The pharma industry doesn’t creat as many jobs as the mmj industry could


@Fever if you go to that link I posted, those are the folks involved.

Herre is how to find your state rep and state senator

Once you fill out the address fields it takes you to links so you can contact them. There are also links to your US Senator and Rep

PS. If you don’t want to fill in your exact address just find an address around you and use that instead.


Heard news today bout homeland security not pursuing mj sighting Colorado as an example.


lol’i seen this morning they are putting in drive through for mj at one place…boy things are changing!


My mom was really worried my marijuana was gonna land me in federal prison.

But then i explained how I can regulate my own harvest to decrease THC and increase CBD for no paranoia, but pain relief, and THEN she was like, “and you’re allowed to share an ounce? When can we come visit?”


LOL, awesome. Awareness goes a long way :slight_smile:


Haha awesome! :+1::palm_tree::v::grin:


Ok… just wondering how people are going to secure their outdoor crops as the law states… :seedling: and dealing with being seen from a “public place”… :eyeglasses:


I’ll probably stay indoors but I have enough room I’m sure I can find a place that can’t be seen from the road with a naked eye. Once the leaves fill in on the trees I’m pretty secluded.

You could also put up (4) 6’ metal posts and put some sun shade material around it (like a fence). Just leave enough room that the sun can still shine on it unless it get’s really hot, then it might help.

Or at least a sunshade wall on the road side to help block it.


i have some burlap to break mine up a bit…


What about the aroma? Thats what’s holding me back.