All things Massachusetts & MA Legalization


Medical or not, it’s legal in MA. Shouldn’t be a factor anymore. Unless they check for alcohol too, which they don’t and wont. They’re just uneducated is the problem.


Which is why they need to find and only test for a chemical (?) only found in MJ that can only be detected for a reasonable amount of time, like 2 hours or something. Or based on whatever your drug testing policy is. So I think we are looking at a real issue. How motivated is the govt to find and isolate the one chemical compound only located in THC. It could take them quite awhile to find that test.

Now while we are on the subject, are we being led to believe that when alcohol consumption and automobiles became an issue, all sames of both were halted until a reliable breath test was standardized? I think not. So the courts will have to rely on the testimony given to determine if the individual was under the influence of drugs or cannabis. My guess that is exactly what they are already doing?


12 plants equals 30 joints a day? Not if I’M doing the growing. I WISH I could get that good.


exactly- I don’t see how there is a legal leg to stand on unless someone is clearly impaired and risking their own safety or the safety of others.


I said the same thing while I was in the military, but drug and cannabis free from start to finish!


I’ve got 15 years to retirement - my off hours are all mine! :slight_smile:


In the army you test positive and they put you in jail. It’s a little different mindset or it was anyway.


They’ll just dishonorable discharge you and thats not good. You won’t ever find a job with that on your record and no medical and kiss any kind of disability good bye. It’s really not worth taking the risk.


There are other things you can take to help with pain, besides risking your career. Kratom and CBD will take away a bunch of pain. There is a little recreational value if kratom as well as medical benefits. I’ve seen way to many people been caught up on some stupid pot case in the Military. To me it wasn’t worth it, I soldiered up and got through it till I was out, then it was all hands on bong after


I reserved 2 spots for me and a girl I know. We’re going to smoke heavily and paint a happy little tree. Gotta love being legal when you can go to an event and smoke there :slight_smile:


My son got my wife a night at a wine and paint party…he, his girl friend and my wife had a blast…I was too far into my prescribed pills for an evening out back then but would go to a potluck paint night and know I’d have fun and get a painting too!:rice_scene:


:slight_smile: I’ve never done the wine one, or went anywhere to paint but people love doing it. I’m in it for the 420 :slight_smile:


Ok @Matthew420 here’s one for you!

I don’t know how Massachusetts people on here have mmj cards but… @Sl1 does I know and so do I ! Check this one out!


I read that today @bob31.
$30-$70 delivery charge, yikes!!!

I think Amazon Prime should invest in this idea


I think it will become huge in ma. I’m not gonna pay delivery charges from Brockton but if one of the Boston area ones offers it I might consider it!


We’re having a house inspection for mortgage stuff next week. My husband’s worried about an inspector seeing the plants. Is this a problem? What would you do?


I don’t think the plants are an issue, it’s legal in MA as far as that goes. Cover them with a sheet or something if you don’t want the guy to see them directly. Tell him or her whats under the sheet is personal and none of his concern…

The issue though might be a hodge podge of electrical connections and dangling lights etc… (if that applies, lol)


Just a different POV I think it could be a concern for some buyers or their agents so if it’s possible to put them in your car, covered?


I definite think legalization is going to breathe fresh air into the MA economy…tourism definitely. I’ve also been thinking of an investment niche in real estate, specifically high end apartments with Grow closets installed — great way for investors to both protect the physical property and attract tenants who wish to indoor grow. Since I’ll never entertain this investment path, I figured I’d throw the idea out … :yum:


We’re not selling the house. Just an inspection after we’ve had work done.

But when we were house hunting, our agent told us she once showed a house that had a closet full of sex toys. I could drape the plants and if the inspector asks… :smiling_imp: