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That’s just what I’m about to do, am twisting one up and going to go sit on the deck and smoke a legal joint, it’s pretty weird man I’m still getting used to legalization

Had the worst day yesterday I started a routine plumbing fix and of course it got involved, got into the wall because super Mario and his friggin brother must have done the original plumbing and I had to hire a pro, half the day I had no water yesterday waiting for the plumber, whatta f****** nightmare!



Never fails man. Small jobs always turn into bigger ones, especially if you’re a perfectionist.


Well I’m far from a perfectionist but when it gets into the wall I stop there, I’ve been out of the trades for a couple decades and I know my limits


Smaht! (Boston accent)


… saw a local comedian not long ago talking about Boston accent, he said it’s not really an accent, we’re a bunch of people too lazy to pronounce all the letters in our words LMAO!


The Zoo isn’t to far away at all! Maybe one of these days!

haha, probably true. I don’t have it because I didn’t grow up here. At least not my early childhood. I used to love the Hopper commercials.


It’s a loose League we play there down the beach what have you, I’m a big and recent fan of bocce, I’m not very good at it but I enjoy it. I’m not sure when we’re going to start but a lot of that has to do with the weather of course, haven’t tried it in the snow but I imagine it would it a much slower game lol! …just kidding! :laughing:

…little cold for me out today, my deck is in the shade in the afternoon so I didn’t last long out there, only mid 50’s but anything’s better than a blizzard I might even grill burgers tonight or tomorrow for the first cookout this year, I’m all about early spring I can’t stand this crap


Beach day! Red Sox start today (first TV game tomorrow) …I love it!

Edit: first TV day Saturday, bummer


nice pic!!!


Thanks Bobby I take pictures like that and eventually I get around to painting them or at least some of them, that was called a Kings tide, something I’ve never heard of even though I’ve been raised and lived by one ocean or another all my life it came way the hell up father than I’ve ever seen it without a offshore storm driving it


That would make an awesome painting. I suck at art lol. But I do like photography


Not just for MA…


I signed it!!!


Okay MA, need some rain in the next few days or I’ll be out of low PPM water :frowning:


Signed it brother


Signed and verified


Even when the public wants it, the misinformed are still trying to put the brakes on.


They shall be punished!

I bet there will be a lot more!


My town is safe lol. Yours is a toss up!


AND the HITS just keep on COMING

really nothing new, just a rehash of the f’n they plan to give us here in MA

Mass. Panel Aims to Strike Balance on Cannabis Taxes
March 1, 2017

BOSTON (AP) — The co-chairs of a legislative committee reviewing the state’s new recreational marijuana law said Tuesday that when it comes to taxing sales of the drug lawmakers will look to strike a balance between raising revenue for the state and discouraging the underground market.

Democratic Rep. Mark Cusack, of Braintree, and Democratic Sen. Patricia Jehlen, of Somerville, were recently named to head the panel, which is expected to recommend legislation later this year. During an interview on WBUR-FM, Cusack said it was important to find the “sweet spot” for taxing cannabis.
“We also want to make sure we are not overtaxing and sending people back to the black market,” Cusack said.

The law, approved by voters last November, calls for a 3.75 percent excise tax on recreational cannabis sales that would be assessed on top of the state’s regular 6.25 percent sales tax. Cities and towns could assess an additional 2 percent tax on sales within their own communities.
Cusack and Jehlen noted that several states that previously legalized recreational marijuana, including Colorado, Washington and Oregon, impose significantly higher tax rates.
Cannabis retail stores are not expected to open in Massachusetts until mid-2018 at the earliest.
The lawmakers said they would seek a tax rate that would be high enough to generate sufficient revenue to cover regulatory and enforcement costs associated with the new law but low enough to prevent consumers from returning to illegal sources. The goal, Jehlen said, was to provide safe access to marijuana and “kill” the underground market.
The panel also is weighing other possible revisions in the law, including regulation of edible marijuana products and limits on the concentration of THC, the psychoactive chemical in cannabis.

Legalization advocates have objected to the legislative review, noting the law was approved by about 54 percent of Massachusetts voters and should be given a chance to work before any changes are made.
Lawmakers insist that the will of voters would be respected but suggest that few actually read the entire text of the ballot question before casting their votes.
“I think there are some unanswered questions and room for improvement,” Cusack said.