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I think he knows his outdoor ball is about to be gone until spring.


Lol,he needs that ball ((


Eventually, he’ll step on it under the snow and jam his head down in to find it. He looks so happy when he sees it again :slight_smile:


I think we might be kind of dodging a lot of this storm, my friend up in the White Mountains says she’s got 8" already and they were only supposed to get 4 to 8 altogether, yet right here just outside of Boston I don’t think we’ve got two inches yet ? :pray:


They say the heavy bands will move. I hope not. I’m happy with only a small amount.


Just changed over here on the cape…an hour and a half earlier then expected… :snowflake:


Snowing hard here now. Darn!


Yea… cold front is moving west to east…rained for the last hour pretty hard… just looking out the window and all snow just like that…and the wind is howling


Yeah crazy wind here but this still only about an inch of snow but like Matthew just said all of a sudden it seems like it’s snowing hard I can’t even see out the damn windows they’re so steamed up but I think it’s snow and I can hear the wind temperature says 27

Everytime it snows I have to go out with a broom on a extension pole and wipe the snow off my satellite dish

dish told me they’d save me money over Comcast but they didn’t tell me I’d be out there in blizzards trying to clear the damn snow off it, only a year-and-a-half to go on the contract that means one more winter then I can go back to Xfinity or something else, anything else without a dish


I wonder if there is any way to heat them up so that the snow melts off? Sounds like a snowy day project? I bet someone else has already figured it out? Google, oh google… lol


I was thinking that the other day when the picture went out for the second time during the Patriots parade

… the second time I had to go out I was thinking that gasoline would warm it up nicely


easy there, remember the house is under there somewhere


Full on Nor’easter now in the half-hour I was out shoveling we got another easy two or three inches

Time for some ilgm White Widow and a black and tan


I was out at 1pm to clear a path for the pups and it was inch to inch and a half. Did another one at three oclock and we are at 6 to 6.5 inches.


I haven’t stepped outside and all the snow is still right where it landed.


Another 18 inches coming Saturday and more Monday ! :cry:


I couldn’t agree more it was coming down more than four inches an hour

The half an hour I was out there was three inches behind me where I started the shoveling by the time I went back in, I couldn’t believe it! …I wasn’t sure how much was from the wind but not all of it :frowning:


It’s been snowing sideways all afternoon…couldn’t say how much is out there…don’t care!


Read that too payback time, I guess…


Rodger that

I just went to the door and nearly froze to death I’ve got a big driveway but only one car and it’s at the End of the Street so you know what I mean lol! I didn’t shovel it all two years ago either and we going to get another major snowstorm Saturday and Monday too

I’m not going to die out there shoveling snow, when I was a little kid only six or seven I saw my friend’s father laying face down in a snowbank and I pointed it out to my parents, it turns out he had had a massive coronary shoveling out his car and had died and I never forgot that image