All things Massachusetts & MA Legalization


I hear you same here only difference is I’m shifting from coffee to Black and Tan in a few hours LOL

I made hash from some Northern Lights last year and I was disappointed that I only got 1.1 grams from 7 grams of weed but I just smoked it for the first time and Madonna Mia! Stoney, pack your bags !


haha, awesome man! I can’t wait to be able to make various fun things. @codman got moon rocks but I haven’t seen it yet.


Oh that’s when you like pack hash and kief and weed and oil and stuff into a ball right? I remember seeing that somewhere, that sounds like a lot of fun too…!


I know what’s not a lot of fun is February in New England…!

Springtime here must be what they sing about April in Paris I can’t imagine a nicer place to be spring summer and some even come here for the fall (leaf peepers) but winter you can have my share!.. I was young it didn’t bother me I used to like it to an extent but now I think it’s a curse


Yup, just what it is. I’m sure @codman can post a couple pics.


I think I made some by accident when I spilled on my mirror lol

… everything that spills goes into the brownie bag


HAHA! You may have invented it!


I don’t think I invented it, I do coin phrases here and there and I’m proud of that, inventing not so much


My plan is to shovel at noon, 5 and 10 however I will fluctuate those hours as snow dictates, I don’t shovel more than four inches so I go out every four inches. I still haven’t got my snow blower working I’ve got to buy a carburetor, this is year 3 that it hasn’t worked

( I plan on spacing my black and tans accordingly )

… I’m starting to hear the wind now coming from the Northeast off the ocean


I’ll do all mine at once tomorrow morning :slight_smile: If it was heavy snow I might go out 1/2 way but it’s light. Might just set up a big fan at the top of my driveway and keep it from landing.


That’s one of those things that sounds like a great idea …at first LOL


haha, works on paper, It must work in real life. Until you realize it’s just sucking snow in the back so…


I think it would work man I don’t know for sure I don’t see how it wouldn’t? … it would be displacing out the front much more than it would be taking in the rear (so to speak) LOL

So if it’s powdery I’ll go out with my leaf blower LOL


Awesome,can you come to my house after Mathew420 ??,Ill have dinner ready,my wifes a great cook!! lmao>>i use drop cloths on my car,when done slide off with all the snow,clean as a whistle.Buy the way my friends,the beans are germinating,fingers crossed!! )) Happy Growing my friends ))


That just came out totally wrong!


I think we should be dropping the salt from the sky and not trucks. That way, it would just be rain. Smart, I know…


All I heard was tarp dragging on paint… haha


I painted for a living,plenty of drops to use,multi use ))))))))


I’d be too nervous it would scratch my paint. Probably better than the people using a snow shovel to clear their car off.


I get my salt free from down the beach ( they Store a Mountain of it in one of the parking lots) and I use it pretty liberally but I didn’t throw it down today because I thought it might cause some icing under the snow due to the particular weather conditions …plus I just didn’t care enough to go out in it this morning