All things Massachusetts & MA Legalization


im using led bob31


300 and a 450 watt LED


you would need to look at the labels and get the true watts

Actually here is the link to the thread I have going on lights. Might be helpful for you to read down through it and then we can talk about it. Post your questions on that thread as this one is about the MA Laws about legalization… and a little football talk lol



And out goes Claude. I think Ray Bourque should be the next coach.


As always bob31 tyvvm,all this info is just incredible,did ya see they stole Brady’s game shirt?


The writing was on the wall on that on @Matthew420 too bad but I think he was looking for a change too!


Your welcome @Boston56 if you anything I’m happy to help you out. I think I read you need some help in starting a topic. If so let me know and we will get u pointed in the right direction

and yeah, someone stole his jersey 2 years ago too…hmmm


Bring on Ray Bourque to coach.


Isnt it under ahhhh it sats new topics,when youtyype in a topic is it highlighted? lol i might end up needing help as usual but u guys are always there for the bail out )) MajikToker ran it by me as well


Yeah if you click on forum then go to beginner and then click on grow journals and then upper right +topic is what you click on.

Also depends a little on what your using. To connect to site. All a little different


Thank you brother. bob31


OK yell at me tomorrow if you need help.


Will do brother much appreciated as usual​:+1::+1: bob31


12" of snow coming. I’m ready!


This storms all because of the cashier in local Dollar Tree, we were talking about the wonderful January weather last week and then she said “we’re going to get all our snow in February” and right then and there I said oh that’s the Jinx, and they laughed, but here we are…!


Julian Edelman is going to catch every flake before it hits the ground!


I see you there Matthew! LOL that’s not really your car with that plow right? …that’s not a thing right?

I mean I know cars drive themselves now and all that but I used to plow with my F350 and it was all that truck could handle so I just am not really feeling that pic bro


LOL, no. Photoshop’d it on.


I kind of thought so it’s early but not that early wow that’s what we all need today though it’s coming down two to four inches an hour they’re talking about OMG

I’m in the Revere Lynn area and we really get those heavy bands of snow all day they just whip right off the ocean I’m waiting for them to cover up my dish so I can go out with the big extension pole and scrape the snow off it yet again

the other day I was doing it every 40 minutes trying to watch the parade they don’t tell you this when they tell you can save money with Dish TV when two years is up you can bet I’m going to do something else I don’t know what right now but this sucks


Should be a good time! I’m just going to watch, drink coffee, and puff all day. So, pretty normal day…