All things Massachusetts & MA Legalization


So, up until the other day I was still in bliss over the fact that Massachusetts had passed question #4, which will legalize pot once officially signed off. The date was to be December 15th. @Paranorman pointed out that they’re talking about delays. I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, it is Massachusetts after all.

Anyway, I thought I’d post some news updates as I see them since I know there are a handful of MA growers here. Shouldn’t be too long but let’s hope for the 15th!

Thoughts from the Morning Garden

I can’t help but keep thinking…

I was able to acquire a license to carry a concealed handgun in this state. On my side, I have something that could cause great harm or death if used improperly. Yet, there it is, totally legal. But, I can’t grow a plant without getting in trouble. Make no sense how something so beneficial and harmless can be illegal.


I haven’t thought of it that way, but that an excellent point @Matthew420!


@Dumme Was checking out some of your YouTube videos. Killer water set-up! Way beyond my comprehension but it looks bad ass! :+1:


You are absolutely right. It makes no sense, but you’re still ahead of us here in New York.


If they had it their way bud you wouldn’t have that pistol on your side either
Just saying if you ask me we should all carry but that’s another conversation lol
Hope all works out for you guys up there in Mass


LOL, I think you’re right on that one. Now had the constitution said right to keep and bear weed, we’d be all set.


But honestly, I think they assumed we’d be smart enough to keep it legal, so they didn’t think to jot it down that day.


Lmao dam those founding fathers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::grinning:


The article I read mentioned that possession and growing would not be effected and not delayed. Taxing and licensing would be the main issues being delayed. It was in the Globe or the Sun. :relieved:


I like the sound of that! :+1:


But we will have to see what happens on the 15th… after this last election I don’t believe anything I hear from politicians…lol


It took until this election to not believe what politicians say? lol. Teasing…


Here is the quote I read “State Sen. Richard Ross, R-Wrentham, said from what he has heard, the Legislature will not interfere with the personal possession portion of the law from taking effect next week.” :seedling:

Watering question from the new guy

My 2 cents, the only way to eliminate the problem is to eliminate the DEA and move drug abuse under healthcare. I read a news article today that said opiod deaths officially surpassed gun deaths in the US. Legalize weed, decriminalize everything else, get addicts treatment, and leave us stoners and gun owners ALONE!! :wink:



Still a good deal for us without a mmj card. Just have to get it someplace before the 1st crop comes to harvest…lol


Yup, and that is easy enough and at a reasonable cost of $240/oz - for pretty killer stuff.