All the questions at once 😆

Sweet. If she was repotted in fresh soil you should be good for another week or so. I would say this next week when you’re done cleaning up your yard from this hurricane to go ahead and water to runoff and test it. See what shes looking like.

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@HeyJB ok will do. Just went to turn lights back on and she has a brown spot on the same side that has the yellow tip. The rest of her look normal.

That’s the first leaf right? If so, it’s probably just done with its life cycle. The lower leaves will do this first. Now is this were to progress to other areas we would get concerned. For the most part the new growth is our focus.

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You dont have it on a automatic timer? Bro…

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@HeyJB :laughing: :rofl: i dont know nothing about that lol

I use this one. Love it.

BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector with 7-Day Digital Timer (4 Outlets Timed, 4 Outlets Always On) - White

@HeyJB no not the 1st set of leaves their completely yellow, but the 2nd set of leaves that came after the small ones at the bottom it has a brown spot that appeared within a couple of hours after water and removal of dome. Just 1 brown spot at the tip of the 2nd set of leaves

As long as it doesn’t spread or get worse. The bottommost leaves will be the ones that will be “shed” as it gets bigger. All the leaves you see now won’t be around a little further down the road. They’ll just yellow and fall off. Or you’ll pull them off.

Hows the storm raven?


Fingers crossed it just passed on by without much fuss.


We in this thing thanks 4 checking… the wind is horrible and the rain but we still got power so its good


@HeyJB hi hru?? So update my gurl is turning light green. My timer for the lights will be here today, took your word for the 1 u got. I also got her some grow dots. I had already bought her jacks 321 and calmag but seen the grow dots and was like that sounds easy… ever tried them? Any suggestions? Read to mix them in the topsoil and she should be good for the entire time left… she has about 2days left before she will get watered to runoff and grow dots or nutes added. Should i use purfied water or distilled water when using nutes or grow dots??The brown spot has not got bigger or spread so think we dodged a bullet.

Doing good bro. Just starting a new week and it looks like the weather it going to be in the upper 70’s all week. That’s good for a lot of things.

I haven’t tried them but I have read several other growers on here that have used them. I believe they had good results. As long as you use them the way they indicate you should be right as rain.

I used to use distilled water but it was too much of a paint to get the amount I needed. So now I use a filter that attaches to my garden hose and use that.
It works fantastic and I haven’t seen any issues whatsoever when I made the switch. Now I’m going to run a dedicated water line to my grow room so I don’t have to truck it in buckets. The only thing you need to remember is if you use your water from the house or hose that you take a PPM reading of it before you mix your nutes so you know what numbers to leave out of your match.

So your house water might ready 200 PPM so if you mix nutes and you’re shooting for a 1000 PPM feeding, you need to mix it to 1200. Let me know if that don’t make sense.

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So she wont actually get the grow dots into thursday. At that time should i water to runoff before of after adding the dots?and you lost me on the ppm but i think we talked about this in the post somewhere

I’d add the dots and water away. I’m not sure that watering to runoff will be as important for you if you’re using the dots. The runoff is for 2 reasons. 1 so you can check your PH and PPM’s the other is to help avoid the accumulation of salts in the soil that build up over time from using chemical fertilizers. I don’t think this is going to be something you’re going to be worrying about with the dots so you can likely just water without worrying about achieving a runoff unless you want to check numbers. I would be interested to see the runoff numbers when you add the dots.

Ok will do… ill give you a update Thursday when i water her and give her nutes the ppm

Sweet. Those dots might just save you a bunch of headache really.

@HeyJB it might i have the jacks and calmag in case lol. Y is she turning light green

Not even remotely. Well. I water to runoff with Grow Dots myself just to try and get the dots more dissolved. I found that at the end of a 10 week auto run, there was enough Dot left to reuse for the early veg phase of another plant.

Dots are easier than Jacks because there’s no mixing involved. They are harder than Jacks because there’s no certainty when they transition from the veg NPK to their flowering NPK - they just kinda do it as they go along. So you may find yourself wondering if they need to be top-dressed and guessing when that would be.

For what it’s worth I was able to use Grow Dots and feed with Jack’s nutrients as the Dots neared their end of useful life period. No need to top dress if you are already equipped with the readily available nutes from Jacks.

@Graysin ok so on Thursday she will get watered, so water her to runoff? If so how much runoff? I will be putting the dots in when she is 4 weeks from sprout so will the dots provide what she needs for the rest of the time? Should i use the entire 75grams in her? But i have jacks and calmag here if she needs that if so…

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