All the questions at once 😆

Probably want to bump it up into the low-to-mid 20s. Here is the relevant chart from the DLI thread:

You can follow the red or yellow line or just use them as a guide and adjust according to the plant.

Notice that I used 800 in the reference value for the estimator instead of 1006. I arrived at that number by averaging the values shown in manufacturers reference which should give you a more realistic estimate of the average across the canopy.

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Ok so tusrn my lights down to about 25% and she should be good. This is her today before i misted her dome

She real low to the soil not alot of stem out

I meant to increase the DLI to 20-25 (i.e. 75% power) but seeing your plant it seems like you’re fine at 50%. Did you bury some of the stem or is it really that short?

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Really that short. I just left out of there misting her dome again and the stem is a little longer but still low, no backfill or nothing

@HeyJB so when would you say i should add some water to her. Ive just been misting her dome. Stuck my finger in the soil feels dry but cold idk :laughing: just dont wanna mess up made it to this and im excited over my seedling lol.

If the dome has moisture building up on it youre good. Otherwise just add a few ounces of water OUTSIDE the cup ring. Not right around the plant. And go ahead and keep the dome and spritz goin.

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No the moisture is not staying in the cup i have to spray it about 2 times a day. And how much water around the cup lid?

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Just a few ounces until the soil just around the outside is wet. Like around 4 ounces or so then gradually increase. It will travel to where the roots are and the roots eill want to grow out to find that water.

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Will do and i can give it 4oz from my spray bottle?

That’s a lot of spraying but yes. My finger would say, JB please unscrew that lid and just pour it.


This is important. Spray bottles are the bane of any new grower’s existence. They seem so helpful but I’m convinced they do more damage than good.

Just water your plant like a plant. Dump any runoff. Cover her with a dome once the medium is nice and saturated. The moisture will stay inside the dome if the soil is wet. Don’t water again til the pot is light. Not “lighter than it was,” but actually light. Like a cup of cake flour, not like a cup of brown sugar or water or fresh soil.


@HeyJB thats exactly what happened my finger was like nope… so i took the top off and kept watched on 4oz and gave her 4oz this morning. Also while in there watering i seen this bug crawling in the soil, i scooped it out and took it outside, looked like a mite of some sort. Any guess? Do i need to do anything? And i have a fan on but should i have that on yet?

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If you have any bugs in there that are on the plant to start using some Captain Jacks Dead Bug

If the bug is a gnat I sprinkle some mosquito bites around the surface of the soil and that helps a lot. Also letting the top of the soil dry properly between watering will help too.

Also Raven,
You’ll be up for the BOM Bud of the Month contest soon enough. If you have time, why not go by there and check out the entries. And if, just if, you think my bud is the best drop me a vote. If not, share the love with someone else on there and don’t forget to be ready to enter when your girls get ripe! Thanks!

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@HeyJB i gotcha. I went to visit and omg i seen some of the prettiest buds ive ever seen, all flavors…got so happy :joy: i will order those things havent seen any knats and this the first bug i seen. So i was reading around and read that my humidity should be around 60-65 right now, any factz??? Shes 16days today.

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It depends on the temperature of the room. Here is a link to a chart that will show you where you should be based on the temperature. Humidity and temperature - #2 by MidwestGuy

Yes. I just scrolled them buds again and there are some amazing buds. :clap:

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@HeyJB thanks for the graph i had forgot i seen this. She just seems alot smaller than most in week 2 at 16days

Some are just slow. I had one do that my last grow. It was 3 weeks behind the others. All planted and sprouted at the same time. I was able to LST my other girls for a few weeks while that one caught up in height with no training. She’s now one of my plants again in my current grow as a reveg. Its really amazing to me that I get to harvest this one twice! :heart_eyes: :exploding_head:

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@HeyJB ok so for now keep her humidity up, temp good at 72-75 i gave her 4oz of water thi morning, so nuin for the next 2-5 days. Lights i have on 60% no nutes,no cal mag, no watering to runoff, and shes domed up. So she doesn’t need anything yet

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