All the questions at once 😆

Goodevening so im going to get straight to it. I have 2 plants right now the 1st picture is Celeste she has been in her forever home since August 13,22 (30 days) and i have asked questions about nutes, water and been given no nutes yet and water purfied so i have a couple questions.


Celeste hasnt grew really any. I just bought a new light yesterday so im running a Vipar1000 at 50% light and 24" away. She was given 60ml of water since germination and a mist when 1st planted so…

When do i need to give her nutes?
What is the best water?
Does she look extra small at a month?
Why is her 1st leaves yellow and shirveling up?
Why is her stem brittle like dry?
And is she saveable?
Why is she light green?

I started another seed on September 6 so about a week ago and right now she’s really green and dont wanna make the same mistakes… so

What is the best PH for the soil?
What is ppm?
What is the kiss method?
I have humidity at 75% is that good?
When do I water her?

She’s domed right now and im spraying distilled water in her dome no other water but rhe water placed in the soil to have it moist before she was placed in.


What soil are you using?

Dr. Earth soil all purpose @HeyJB

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What is the PH of the water going in?

Water ph 6.6-6.7
Humidity 75% @HeyJB
Temp 77 day 70-73 night

Sounds right to me. I had one plant do the same thing and she was 3 weeks behind the rest. Pulled thru and produced well. Is day sick with it. Looks like your new one is off to a good start.

Dont purify your water unless its well water , you actually want the solids in it to adjust the soils ph

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@GreenSnek i actually buy purfied water in the gallon. Im thinking about going to a water fill station at walmart to get my water from now on, any opinions are great also

@HeyJB and my 2nd one is in a solo cup with no holes i didnt know it was supposed to have holes so wondering when to transplant her but besides that she looks good

@HeyJB @GreenSnek when do i give the 1 in the solo cup water? Her soil was moist when put in havent given any water besides misting the dome,? And for the 1st one what do i do? Should i give her nutes yet its been almost 5weeks now and i havent given her any water either. Keep looking like she’s dying

If the soil is moist keep misting with the dome. I dont take my seedlings out to transplant till they are roughly 4 inches across the leaf span. Or when I see the roots showing a lot in a clear solo cup. I use a clear cup to see the roots and put that cup inside a red one to protect the roots from the light. Pull up the clear one to see the roots. If the roots are getting too much at the bottom of the cup then I transplant. The seedling wont need much in the way of nutes. I would continue water. By the way, when mine was doing that I bought some Recharge and started using that. Its really good stuff. Noticed a difference in all my plants within 2 days.

I use the garden hose. They sell water purifiers for plants that you can attach to the spigot. Works great.

AQUACREST Garden Hose Water Filter, Improve Plants Health, Greatly Reduces Chlorine, Odor, Calcium, Ideal for Organic Gardening, Farming and Pets, Pack of 2

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@HeyJB ill look into 1 of those so for the 5week 1 do she need nutes now?

If this plant were planted in soil that was made for cannabis and it were growing at the normal rate you’d probably be adding nutes by now. If it were growing at a normal rate it would be much larger and thus need more nutes. Where it’s as small as it is I wouldn’t do much. Maybe mix up a batch of nute water that is less than 200 PPM’s and feed it. What will tell you when you’re ready for feeding is when the nutes of the soil is below a certain PPM. This is usually based on what part of the growth cycle you are in.

Seedlings Stage: 100-400

Nutrients aren’t really needed during seedling stage. A little Root Juice is always helpful.

Early Vegetative Stage: 500-800

This includes clones. Nitrogen is the key nutrient at this stage.

Late Vegetative Stage: 800-1200

Plants require a mice mix of N-P-K. Mixing a grow/veg solution and a flowering/bloom solution is a good way to get the balanced N-P-K you want at the end of vegetative stage.

Early Flowering Stage: 1000-1400

The cannabis plant will stretch at this point. The need for Nitrogen begins to decrease while the need for Phosphorus start to increase.

Mid Flowering Stage: 1200-1600

This is the stage when a cannabis plant needs the most food. Maintaining moderate levels of Nitrogen, while boosting Phosphorus & Potassium to boost flower growth.

Late Flowering: 1000 – 500 – 0

Late flowering starts with a decrease in PPM. During the ripening week, PPM may be around 500. Finally PPM is dropped to zero. This is the flush. Plants get fed only water to flush their systems of all the chemicals. This flush improves the taste and decreases the harshness.

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Do you have a TDS pen and a PH pen? These are CRITICAL!!!

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@HeyJB yes to both idk what to do with the ppm meter but i ph my water before i give them water

When you feed you’ll measure what your PPM’s are. If you measure your water before adding anything else to it you’ll have your base number. Let’s say it’s 200. Mine is around that.

So 200 is what you’re NOT going to count towards your total PPMs after adding the nutes. So if your water is 200 and you want to have 200 for your nutes, then your total will be 400.

When you water to runoff, meaning you are putting enough water through to get about 20% of it back out the bottom, then you’ll test that as well. If you go in at 400 and it comes out at 200 then you can feed the 400 again next time. Keep notes on these numbers cause that plant is going to consume different amounts at different times. You’ll want to make sure your numbers coming out are appropriate with that scale I sent you.

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@HeyJB thank u for the help frfr i would be lost… ok so start giving celeste a little bit of nutes to 400 ppm and thats with my water being 200. So what if my water is lower than 200 would i still add into 400ppm

Nope. Just find out what it is before you add anything to it. This is important on the outside so you know what you’re feeding. So if you want to give the feeding at 200 PPM’s you’ll just check your water number first and whatever that is add the 200 to that and that will be the number you’ll want to reach when mixing the nutes. Thing is without the water base line you won’t know when to stop adding.

@HeyJB so my water is at 187ppm