All the auto flower mix pack seeds germinate but none are sprouting up nicely

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

All the auto flower mix pack seeds germinate but none are sprouting up nicely. The northern lights is all crooked and looks like a snake. The only one that I have had luck with is one blueberry that germinated and sprouted nicely. Did nothing differently. Same soil, light, air, heat, moisture, and timing. The northern lights has stayed like that for 3 days now with no growth. The true leaves seem to be stuck in the seed coat. I’ve had to cover the roots gently with soil so they don’t get exposed to light, but it keeps growing like a snake. The picks in the tent are the first order from the white widow and ak-47. Did nothing differently? One tent is 2 viparspectra 600 temp at 72-75. Tent 2, there’s 2 viparsectra 450 running at 72 with the GSCE in there. Using fox farm ocean forest. Test my ph every water. 6.4-6.7. Fox farm nutrition as needed. Also have a Kratom tree growing in there from Indonesia. Strawberries and lemon trees propagating. My peppers and tomatoes corn and vegetables are all going crazy under the same vivosun 2 foot t5 at 7 inch hanging height possibly a bad batch of seeds? Because this was the same order that came with the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme that I had issues with too?

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Tne one under the dome i would remove dome
The all look healthy to me though
They will have slow growth in early stages as they work on root development

i also had some sprouting issues with ffof in a mix pack, tried 2 different methods (1 in ph water and 1 in ph water then in wet paper towel). germination was great but sprouting was a failure. ilgm contacted me by email and asked some important questions about my technique, i also sent a photo of the dead seedlings. i only have 1 clinging to life out of 10. anyway they said they will be sending me out another mix pack for free, i didnt even ask for it, they only saw my review, thats how good these people are at ilgm, they want to see you succeed. its got to be the best customer service on the web. dd

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