All planted the same time , same lite , same water times. What is the diff

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

When to harvest? I planted 5, 3 came up . all planted the same time , same lite , same water times. THe one on the right flowerd early, loosening leaves , middle one has BEAUTIFUL buds & the one far left ( hard to see ) just started buds. What is the diff

One on the right is overdosed on nutes. Don’t use anymore nutes on it. Just PH adjusted water. Maybe even run a flush additive on it…then just water.
The other two could use less nutes.

Makes things easier if all the plants are the same strain. Different strains have different needs and growth patterns.

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Actually its a good thing. You can harvest some & leave rest to finish! Ive got 4 different strains one will be ready in about 2 weeks one in 3 weeks & 2 in 4-5 weeks. Just watch trichs & oh boy, harvest is coming! :herb:

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Different phenotypes is your answer. I grow all ILGM autos and very rarely do they finish in the same week.

And yes that one plant is getting fried up. I would back off the feed for a couple doses.

IF you try to smoke the overdosed plant…you will find out what the word NASTY means.
Right now it’s full of horrible tasting fertilizers and your lungs will try to crawl out of your body to get away from that smoke. If you are even able to inhale it…:face_vomiting: