All over for now. Gonna have to try again


So first I want to say thank you to all that offered help and advice and stuff on all my imposibly noobish questions. Thank you!

So for reasons I wont get in to here, it would appear my cultivation days have come to a temporary close. The plants I have, I am going to ahve to dispose of as I have no idea what to do with them and i will be unable to see them to the end. However I am greatful for getting to have the experience. Because of this I want to ask another couple of questions before I burn my first ever grow on a bonfire.

  1. Not really good at identifying, but these are herms, right? Can anyone look and tell?
  2. There is this weird yellowish powder on some of the sugar leaves. When I touched some of the buds above them, I got some on my finger. Is this pollen? It seems to be falling from the buds. Is this the resin I see you guys talk about sometimes?
  3. Any suggestions for saying goodbye? Yes I know this is a silly one but I really put my heart into these guys and am very proud for how far I got. They might be spindly or stumpy or … well hermaphroditic, but they are mine. And, I am looking forward to trying again.

Thank you guys again for all your help.154366003_703382520332249_8623772328498780970_n


Looks like a male/hermie. I’m not sure of the color of pollen, but someone will come along to confirm or refute whether or not the powder is pollen. It’s probably a good guess.


That’s a male plant. Pollen was definitely what was flying around and falling from the plants


I agree with Community male and pollen falling just for giggles when you get it outside take a stick and tap the base and you’ll see millions of pollen particles blowing in the air. Good luck with your next grow.


LOL, just make sure your neighbors don’t have outdoor grows! They won’t be happy if you pollenate their plants :rofl:


Not nice for the outdoor grower. If it is winter go for it, just don’t forget to change your clothes before going back to your ladies.

Although they’re probably pollinated already…


Yeah I never wanted them to pollinate other plants. Everybody should actually see that just so you realize one plant can pollinate the whole front yard if the winds blowing right. :+1::v:


Do not do what this guy has said … as you will ruin many other outdoor grow miles away !

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Good point @Caligurl I guess I need to realize everybody that grows weed don’t live in the country.

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