All of you people have done it now!

Posting so I have this for a reference. So when other people ask I can quick link this for them. Thank you @Hellraiser hope you don’t mind I took this off your thread after you posted it.


Very nice, looking good!!! :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


Good evening fellow growmies. 16 days since flip and things are still going very smooth. Flowers are stacking faster than I could imagine. I’m watering with Master Blend and now silica about every two to three days on my 3 gallon pots and still four to five days on my 5 and 7 gallon pots. Ida foliated the Black Widow mother 2 days ago and it started putting out a lot of smaller leaves already.
Blue Dream Autoflower is harvested and dried and has been put in curing jars. All I can say is wow from the sample I had it is some strong stuff. By far the strongest Autoflower I’ve grown. Not impressed with the weight. Pulled Under 3 oz off the plant. Buds were rock hard right up until they were dried and now are respectable, but just don’t have the solid feel of the photo plants have grown and weight per volume just isn’t there.
Will I grow it again, heck yes. Just under 3 oz of one-hit wheelchair weed is a win in my book any day. Hoping 4 everyone else’s success and keeping it green. @NeoGroR


Congrats. Outmotherfrickinstanding :+1:t4: :v:t4:

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Girls still pretty much on autopilot, today was watering day and feed so I thought I would post a picture of what all I have been using during this current grow.

I am only growing two strains in the tent right now with four of them being black widow photos and 3 are strawberry Kush photos. Two of the plants were mother and the rest are clones of varying ages and starting dates

It has been 24 days since I flip the lights to 12 12 and my buds are stacking faster than I imagined they would. 2.4 grams per gallon on the master blend with 1.2 G per gallon flower fuel Plus calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, Silica, hydroguard, and supplemental cal-mag as needed. I have not used the Cal Mag in about a while now, as I turn the light intensity down it eliminated the need for extra calimag and the plants are not showing any side effects of the lights being turned down. Here’s hoping for everybody’s grows to stay green and successful.


PPM and pH going in

Close up shot of a couple buds.


Time for another boring updates. Another full feed day for all of my ladies. I’m mixing up 4 gallons at a time and I’m seeing a little lightness and spotting on a few of the strawberry plants so I gave 6 mL of Cal Mag extra this watering. Also backed lights off a little bit again and see how it goes by next watering.
Full tent shots.

Upskirt shots of a couple of the bigger girls.
again, not much going on. And here’s to everyone else keeping it green🥦


Here is what I have going on. Not much in the way of excitement but helps me keep track of what I have done.


They look good

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Outdoor plants sprouted and will be ready to go on the ground in a couple of weeks. These are all going to be auto flowers that I am planting outside. Two Jack Herer, to Blue Dream, one Amnesia Haze, and I have an OG Kush that did not pop ground yet.

I have one black widow clone in a Solo Cup, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep in the Solo Cup or plant it outside.

I have a feeling it’s going to wind up outside. I really don’t have much time for taking care of a Solo Cup plant


Flower pictures, 36 days since flipped starting my 5th week of actual flower and when buttons first appeared.

Strawberry plants are starting to show signs that I’m feeding them too much, will be getting some florakleen and reduce nutrients on the next watering Cycles until I see an improvement.
Black Widow on the other hand is taking everything I am throwing at them in stride and shows no deficiencies at all. All plants are starting to show crystals on the buds, and the flowers are starting to smell in a very good way.
here’s a shot of the strawberry mother in full flower. Don’t know if I can really call her mother anymore but she is the plant that I took all the rest of my strawberry clones from. That’s my weekly update, hope everybody else is keeping it green.

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