All of you people have done it now!

Time for an update, and catastrophe has struck. Well, not really a catastrophe. But a very inconvenient problem of my own making. I knew growing out strawberry Kush plants that had veg for 3 months was going to be a challenge, especially when one of them was top three times in order to keep the height down. Another problem is knowing that the genetics create long thin branchy plants. The entire top of my strawberry Kush mother, donor plant has collapsed. I was using black thread to hold it up trying to tie branches together oh, but that was a very feeble attempt at the inevitable. I should have ran a screen.

The plant only has about two weeks to go and will be receiving its last feed in three more days. After that all of my strawberry Kush will be receiving straight water. From the looks of the trichomes, I believe the Black Widow plants are going to take a little bit longer. The two smaller ones were added to the flowering tent a few weeks later but all the rest. The two that were in the tent when I first flipped, look like they will take at least 10 weeks before ready, where the strawberry Kush look like 9 weeks will be about their limit for what I am looking for.
Next picture his strawberry Kush number two, the first clone I took, and it’s also extremely branchy and some of them are being held up with ties.

Next pictures are just random shots of the black widows in my tent, my black widow mother it’s starting to show Harvest colors, and so is one of the Clones. The two youngest black widows are still very dark green and packing on lots of weight.

Sorry about the picture quality, I took these about a half an hour after lights out. I’m also fighting extreme humidity problems, with a dehumidifier running 24/7, daytime humidity I can get down in the mid-50s, the nighttime humidity easily runs up in the 80s with lights out. I have a 16 inch oscillating fan blowing on them at all times on full blast. As thick as these buds are, I don’t know if it will be enough.
That’s what I’ve got going on for now, next update might just be my outdoor plants, assuming they don’t get Frozen Friday night as we are expecting Frost and they are already in the ground.


Holy hell man, you are running into challenges left and right. I hope that all works out for you. The buds look fantastic though

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Not a single problem that was not of my own making. I just went too big for my environment and space. After this grow I will update my ventilation to deal with humidity issues and flip to flower much sooner. Also, as much as I love strawberry Kush, it might not be a plant that I enjoy growing because of how flimsy and branchy they have all become. From previous grows I knew this was the genetics I was dealing with. I still have Skywalker OG and Bruce Banner to try , that I have not grown any yet.

What do you have for ventilation now??

Just open air with fans blowing, taking are from the whole house and recirculating it. Plenty of fresh air, I would just like to get more circulation to the outside. Create a little negative pressure to draw in a little bit more from outside. Biggest problem is I shut the room down at night and close it off to keep everything Pitch Black. That is when humidity spikes. Doesn’t help that my environment and where I live is always high humidity once winter breaks.

Harvest Time for strawberries clone number one and mother, mother plant had completely collapsed and was being held up by other plants and the tent walls and strawberry clown number one had apparently a spider mite get into the main Cola and made a web in it, picked right off with my fingers but was not going to take a chance as it is close enough to harvest. Within the next week all of my photo plants will be chopped and hanging or trimmed.

I have no idea how much I’m going to pull out of these seven plants, but it’s going to be a lot more than I was prepared to deal with. I bought a bowl trimmer, and I actually like the way it works. As long as the buds are dense it doesn’t do any damage to them and it sure makes trimming a lot faster. More updates later, kind of busy right now taking care of my plants. A hint at what’s to come, I got 20 Super Lemon Haze autos + 20 l s d Auto seeds and started 4 this past weekend with 100% success rate on them popping tails. I might detail this in a new Journal, haven’t quite made up my mind yet. Here’s to everybody here keeping it green!


Looks like you’re gonna be rolling in a sea of green for awhile. I bought one of those bowl trimmers as well and the first use will be after my 4 plants are done drying.

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If it’s not one thing it’s another, came home from work tonight to find one of my late Black Widow photos could no longer handle the weight of its own Cola and broke very close to the pot. I will find something to prop it up, I’m not quite ready to harvest this one.