All natural rapid seed starting root plugs for soil & hydro

I have the HTG seed starter plugs and need to know if i just put the seed in the plug and cover the hole and leave it at that or do i need to add some water ,the plug already has some moisture built in…help lost and already wasted 4 high seeds.

put seed in water 12-24 hours. After that time if it sinks good. if it floats tap it with your finger. it it sinks let it soak two more hours. if it floats throw it out
take your good seed put it on a plate cover it with a papertowel. add water. do not allow to dry out. put in warm place where ut wont get bumped or dropped. many people use modem or router

monitor until seed cracks, it could take a week.

after root is 5mm to 1cm long put it in soil 5mm to 1cm deep, cover with soil. water with spray bottle. keep soil moist not soaked. put under growth light 24/0.

keep soil moist until it emerges from soil. then its game on

ILGM recommends the procedure quoted above.

Keeping the paper towel wet is critical. Let it dry out once the seed is wet and it usually kills it.
Once the tap root is 1/4" + long but less than 1/2" put into grow media till head is even with the top of the media. The seed will set the root and start pushing the head up quickly.
The clock has started and will not stop if given love n care.


If you want to stop losing seeds, I suggest you buy 2% or 3% hydrogen peroxide at the drug store or Walmart and fill a small cup with 50ml water, put 1ml of hydrogen peroxide in it. Soak the seed in the dark for 24hours then sink the seed. After 36 hours or so the seed should have 1/4" tail. I lost $100 worth of seeds one time and along with Rapid Start and Rapid Rooter pods the hydrogen peroxide method has been 99% successful since then. No paper towel needed. Every seed in every cup grew good.

To answer your question, yes you can put the seed directly in the pod, but you’d be better off to get it to germinate first @jim307


Do you water the plug after you put the seed/sprout in it, the plug comes with some moiature already, don’t want to drown them??

Seedlings need to stay moist. As long as they aren’t in a standing puddle, they will be fine.
The grow plugs will absorb and make it available to the new root.


ok thanks i think i got it now. One more question i
m going from the plug to a solo cup, i intend to finish with a 3 gallon grow bag, question is should i go straight to the 3 gallon pot or use a gollon first and then move to the bigger pot.I’m trying to grow in a 2x4 tent

That will work…if…it’s a regular plant. If it’s Auto…best to plant in first and final home.

Personally, I put seedlings in a clear plastic cup until I see roots looking like a spiderweb.
Then it’s transplanted to the final home. I don’t like to stress the plant anymore than necessary.

If you don’t watch the vertical height…and it’s a sativa or sativa dom…it will grow into the lights. Vertical height is a reason so many indoor strains are indica dom. They tend to stay short.

They are white widow autos so shouldn’t have no trouble I have about 50 in growing space that’s below the lights in above the pots