All natural IPM

So im a indoor grower ive only ever dealt with bugs once my 1st time growing due to taking in plants that where started outside dealt with them and got over it im now into my 4th grow and have never taken any steps towards ipm id like to grow something natural in the tent along with the ladies but im afraid as most plants that are natural repellents usually smell alot and im afraid that smell would rub off onto the girls would this happen :thinking: or is there plants I could grow that don’t give off crazy odors

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Rosemary is top of the list and the terpene profile is full of pinene: found in many Indica dominant strains.


Perfect rosemary was actually my 1st go to on the list lol

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So glad I popped in to read this. :smiley:
I actually have a huge rosemary growing out back in amongst a wild rose bush.
I can (and have) take cuttings from that for days.
The aroma is amazing and I cook with it often.
I’m gonna take some cuttings and keep them in the tent as a preventative measure.
I have learned so much just reading other’s posts.

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@Myfriendis410 do you have any thoughts on lantana? Also a strong aromatic flowering plant.

So I completely blanked and forgot rosemary is a fern and grows prety big lmao looks like ill be using essential oils instead of just growing the plant in the tent also lol

Just keep cutting it as long as possible and root the cuttings. Keep a small ones on hand and swap them out when it gets too big to trim.

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More Mj xD lil small big , it’s natural let it graaaaaw