All messages in my inbox as disapear 😯😞


Can someone tell me why all my messages in my inbox as disapear yesterday, maybe a site issues ? And I only can put the “mobile view” the “desktop view” shows in a very small view and is not fonctionnal :hushed::disappointed: maybe @Hammer @latewood can help me here, please :innocent:, sorry for the “tagging” :innocent: and the taking of your precious time, thanks for helping me out :innocent::v: And I just notice that “likes” count shows up intermittently or never shows…!? It’s weird :eyes::astonished::wink::innocent:


May be the site has been “hacked” and some “rigolo” amuse him self with the “DOS”


@Niala , gonna tag tag latewood on this one .as he’s Admin. @latewood .And may have a better clue . i checked your account and saw nothing mysterious to me .mite be a site issue . above my pay grade .:neutral_face: Ps he may be a day or 2 at most .spoke to him yesterday and he was sick as a dog
Hammer .


Thanks @Hammer, I don’t know if you received my last message, Saturday morning eastern time ? :hushed::disappointed::innocent:


I notice that I have the “desktop view” issues is only on the Chrome navigator ! @latewood


@Niala sorry didn’t catch it .got behind on the mail to the forum. comp issues
Hammer .


Hi @Niala, I looked up “discourse desktop view” on Google and it comes up with a number of topics. You might want to try clearing your Chrome cookie history.



I did, even clear up hole history navigation, did not work… :innocent:


I even pass my antivirus and antispam (however the two are in RTP mode), nothing :innocent:


And for the disapearance of my messages and the “likes” issues did you find something ? :innocent:


Oh , it’s ok @Hammer , I know you are very busy, just message me when you gone a have a little time …:innocent::v:


Hi @Niala can you take me through this step by step?

Where are you missing your likes?

Where are you missing messages? (we don’t have private messaging in use)

From what I understand your desktop (Chrome) version is in mobile layout mode. This is not the case with other browsers. When did this start?



First of all, thank you very much, Roy, for taking time.

It do not appears that I have missing “likes” received, however, I don’t went to every thread I have made or reply I have made to verify, I have been very active since december. They just appear or do not appear, randomly on the avatar showing count on the upper right of the page… And for some time (saturday morning until the 18) “likes” given had have an issue, after 2-5 likes given a message pop up to say that I have to wait 22 or 20 hours, or 5 or 45 minutes before I can like again, and that happen in the same day and was able to like again 15 minutes later… Since yesterday, every thing went normal again…

For the inbox message issue, I have exchange some of them last week, between the 8 and the 13 and they have all disapear saturday morning the 14, I have received new messages since 3 days ago, and every thing seem to be fine now…

For the Chrome navigator issue with the “desktop view”, every thing went normal yesterday around 9 o’clock in the evening, North America eastern time the 18. …

Again, thank you very much for your precious time, it’s very appriciated :grinning::innocent:

P.s. (we don’t have private messaging in use) quote, do you mean that it’s not only ILGM staff or people who send me messages that can see my inbox messages ? Oh and how do you go @latewood, I read that you were very sick lately, wish you prompt retablishment :innocent:)


Thanks for the kind words. I am starting to feel better. Have not been able to rest and recover like I should. Too mcuh work to do on the farm! :slight_smile:
Glad everything got worked out for you.

Peace, lw


I’m happy to see you’re beginning to recover, take good care of you, I understand what kind of work you dealing with , it’s not a 9 to 5 planning :innocent:

Every thing seem to going well except for the lost of messages, however, there’s worst thing in life :wink::innocent:

A big thank you for your intervention, it’s really appreciate :+1::ok_hand::v:

See you around ,


We have a great team here. We do a lot of work in conference in order to better help all members. It helps us try to be consistent when helping all you members. Peace, lw :smiley:


But beware of the coffee and the really old dounuts in the conference room .Latewood use’s really old dog collar’s to make them with :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::footprints: