All in one stealth box


I’ve registered here to seek your recommendations. English is not my first language but I hope you understand everything.

I am looking for a growbox for only self usage. I want to grow with soil. For me the only thing that comes into question is a stealth box. I have fun in building something myself, which is why I look for a all-in-one solution.

I’ve ran into many possible solutions:

-Most I liked “The Armoire”: The Armoire – Green Goddess Supply

-G-Tools boxes: (

-Superclosed boxes (

-I’ve found the “Urban Chili 3.0”, but the price is really hefty: (

-Flo Grow:

-“Stealth-Box”: Stealth Box — Stealth Box - 4 Plant Grow Box

What I want to know if this is all rubbish or if some of it is usable? I know that I can built something cheaper myself. Important to me is that it looks not too different from furniture and that it’s not too loud and inefficient.


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