All i want for christmas


All i want for Chistmas IN TEN Words Or Less … A new strain a growing . . Whos next 10 words or less .
Hammer .


All I want for Christmas is my grow room Be done


All I want is for every dispensary across the medical board , recreational or medical to purchase and buy my creation that I somehow created by making a mistake , but it a peace of art done on accident .


Even a broken clock is right twice a day. :grin:
Hammer .


Legal Mj world wide :+1:
Merry Christmas all :christmas_tree::wink:


Iam surprised no one said a new ford truck . LOLOL Hammer


Lol ok I changed my mind a new ford truck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:
Lol happy days all


some how your name sez it awll LOL.


Yeah guess I does give me away a bit
Just do me favor and don’t tell my Chevy I said that :ok_hand::sunglasses:
Peace out :v:


That’s very clever!

Wordplay can be lots of fun :smiley:

Join me in haiku? :yin_yang:


37’s and a 6 inch longarm lift with coilovers


A job. I’ve been searching high and low for months after being laid off. Jeesh, someone must need a manufacturing/operations expert.


All I want for Xmas is a day ,pain free.


Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute @Countryboyjvd1971… you’re a NEW YORKER!!!

Be proud, yankee. :statue_of_liberty:


Oh yeah, all I want for Xmas is legal weed for the whole world to enjoy.

… and maybe a bigger grow room.


You know it :+1::sunglasses::ok_hand:
Work in NYC and live upstate lol
90 min north


Advanced platinum P1200…is that too much to ask for?


A medicated happy wife for that Happy life. Peace to all.


Yeah ,we got up-state NY country Boys here !!<*)))><{


Oh yeah , all I want for Christmas is a lot of Great grow friends !!