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Are you able to get a little cleaner close up pic? Something like this that isn’t so blurry

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Thinking it’s a boy?

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My original thought was they looked like closed calyx, which at this point in year would probably mean they were pollinated. If not that, then yes could be male. When I tried to zoom wasn’t clear enough for me to say for sure.

I’m new but definitely didn’t seem to look right to me. Can’t hardly see it close enough though. Thanks for your feedback, hope to get a closer look.

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I believe you might be right.
I saw that about a week ago as I started trimming leaves. And if that’s the case I guess maybe I’ll get some good seeds

Can you post up a better picture?

Yes I’ll get back out there today and do it.
So if it is I guess that would make this plant a Herme?

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Let me look at the pictures you post and I’ll let you know.

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Plant one

Plant two

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Did you get a chance to look yet

Looks like a female plant to me. I don’t see signs of hermaphrodite, but seems awfully early in the year for all the pistils to have receded. Is this an auto?

Also noticed a lot of broken branches, which could have stressed the plant. Just because I don’t see signs of herm doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

No auto

Did you have a male plant nearby? Or maybe someone else growing nearby does?

I’m not even 100% sure this plant has been pollinated, but that is kinda how it looks.