All about Silica

Just read this post about silica and thought I would share it with you guys. Hope this link is ok @admins


I add silica to my girls after the stretch is over and all training is completed. It really helps stiffen up the plant structure and helps the plant hold up heavy flowers. I add 5ml each over 3 waterings. Don’t add it if you have a plant that you are planning on training. Plants stiffened up with silica become hard to work with as far as training goes because it stiffens up the plant so much.


Absolutely agree. My first run was at full strength. Got way to stiff. Second was 1/4 strength until after the stretch, and then full strength after that. But for only about 4 weeks. Seems to have worked out great this time.


What wasn’t stated in the article is trichome stalks are composed primarily of silica: not enough for the plant will reduce potency.


That was the reason I went down the rabbit hole on this one. I had read on here that silica was very much needed as part of the trichome development but after reading that article I was unsure :thinking:

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So after the stretch. I take it that you’ve flipped to 12/12 and feed for the first 4-5 weeks of flower. Is there a preference when it comes to silica