All aboard.... Trainwreck 2 plants, going for 3 lbs


It seemed full. This before…

but once I started tying down you’d see all the bud sites and tiny stems that were being shaded.


This is day 9 since I flipped. They were 12” above the net. I plan to trim leaves week 3.


Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing some outstanding buddage😁


I cant Reach a few. They’re budding!!! Day nine from flip. This will be a long 8weeks


I hear ya. I’m waiting on mine to dry now. Time is dragging by.:pensive:


I found your journal and set to watching


No … I have a separate flower and veg room… so once I’m done vegging , I pull the plants out of my veg units and run them out side to my flower room and place them in my sterilized and fully cleaned flower totes… I think that’s probably the reason that I don’t run into root issues… by the end of a 12 week run and no slime or algae at all… flower room temps stay a constant 75 to 78 degrees and I don’t even use the built in chiller… (ie) frozen 2 liter water bottles…:wink:
In flower I run 600 watt magnetic hps ballists with 4500k bulbs…
In vegg I run 4 foot 4 bulb t5ho fixtures that I got from home depot for $90 bucks… I had to add a whip to it for an additional $8 bucks and a chain to hang them with for another $5 bucks… and I get all my bulbs from a place called ( batteries + bulbs)… :wink:


Yes Sinsei, I understand STERILE and CLEAN.
If I veg my plants in 5gal buckets, will I have enough roots? Will it make my plants smaller?


Any reason you went with train wreck post 941

I just remembered why. I ordered Train Wreck and Gold Leaf
1 daytime. 1 nighttime


Any reason you went with train wreck


I ALMOST finally did it.


@peachfuzz did you say you were pulling 2-3lbs per table?


What ya did bro… N the train wreck was the day time right…m yea id go with purple haze of train wreck for daytime hands down


We harvested the satellite room an the 2 purples that we had there were devine in all category look taste smell and buzz


A little over 2 pounds with 1 table when everything is running good and have good strains… :wink:
I have all new strains at the moment , so I’m not sure how there going to perform… I haven’t had the chance to flower them yet… not even sure if there girls yet… :grin:

Also , on your setup , the only thing that’s connected to your trash cans is that 2" PVC line?


The 2" lines and 3/4" line from pump to reservoir. I’m thinking you must be running a separate system for each table. Also I’m assuming you don’t do 3days darkness before the axe. Trying to wrap my head around how all that would work.


@peachfuzz aka Sinsei


@Holmes looking to see Auburn and Tennessee go down today


@Grandaddy013 well half of that ain`t gonna happen, Damn… Go DAWGS.


I watched them and rooted for em, but they just wouldn’t listen. Then I thought we were going to blow it at first. Dawgs need to do a WHOLE LOT better when they face Aladambama.