All aboard.... Trainwreck 2 plants, going for 3 lbs


Changed water today
50 gal water
25ml dechlorinator
250ml AN voodoo juice
100ml hydrogaurd
30ml armour si
4oz maxigro
20ml ph up
PPM=885 PH=5.7


We have roots


They seem to be loving life


Nice ! Looking good.


Now that the roots have made it to the water, the race is on.
PPM=905. PH=5.8
72° RH=56%
Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated


Keep her fed and plenty of light. Looks good.


Forgot phone today, no pictures. PPM=905 PH-5.8
71° RH=61%
Visible growth.
Turned lights up to 750w, and raised them a little bit


PPM=895 PH=5.8


PPM = 912 PH = 5.6
They have really taken off. Growing like “weeds” they are. I think I will top them tomorrow. What do y’all think @Donaldj @raustin @TDubWilly @TxGrowman etc. etc.
@everyone. I highly value ALL of your opinions


Moving along nicely. I have no opinion on the topping time.


Wouldn’t hurt anything to top right now, if I waited it would probably be for just one more node anyways before I topped so it’s really a matter of preference at this point.


Sure, go ahead and top them.


Gave the girls their first haircut today.
PPM = 912. PH = 5.5
Added 5ml of silicate
PPM = 895. PH = 5.8
I knew the silicate would raise my PH, but I didn’t know it would lower PPM. Is this correct, or did I get a bad reading?


Nice clean cuts. Good job :+1:


I think it’s a bad reading - I’ve never noticed silica lowering my ppm. But I haven’t really observed closely when I add it, since it’s the first thing in the bucket for me and I don’t bother checking ppms until I get the base nutes in. I personally work in 50ppm ranges, so to me 912 and 895 are more or less the same.


@Bogleg… I normally put the silica I first also. I just needed to raise my PH a little. I forgot to check my water first (PPM) so I’m not sure about what is actually ppm from nutes. Changing water Saturday, will find out then


I’ve used silica to raise PH after the fact as well… next time I decide to do that I’ll take a before and after and see what’s what. :slight_smile: Heck I have a bucket with around two gallons of 1300ppm water in the basement right now I need to toss out… I can test it on that! I’ll drop 20ml of silica in it and see what happens.


I’m about to change water. Since I am now using tap water with the dechlorinator, I’m not sure how to do this. Should I fill the system and THEN add dechlorinator, or add dechlorinator before it goes in?


Hey! I did it this morning… hold on… pics coming. Starting out was around 2 gallons of 1400 ppm water:

I added 15ml of Armor Si (General Hydroponics silica) to it:

It raised my PPM slightly:


@Bogleg I’m almost afraid to ask WHAT you did this morning that you took pictures of.