All aboard.... Trainwreck 2 plants, going for 3 lbs


There’s no killing at this point, they’re almost done. Lol


I’m not really sure. I’ve never gotten any “done”


Well, this is it then. Almost time to celebrate.


You are a winner @Grandaddy013, you made some beautiful buds!


We will get you to harvest , do or die… no turning back now and no drastic measures… let things take there corse… your plants can feel your energy… don’t trip danmit… :grin:
Your right at the end… 6 weeks left… :wink:


H2O2 is supposed to be here tomorrow


The six weeks was supposed too scare you… lol… we push them… danmit… :grin:



It did. I thought, "dayum, I didn’t know they would take THAT long


H2O2 came yesterday. Drained water, refilled and drained, refilled and added nutes. Went by directions on bottle for LKB. Directions called for 5-10ml/gal so I went with 5. This morning I got to thinking about it, and I didn’t use that much, and I remembered that @Donaldj told me that LKB was a little hot. Checked my feeding schedule, and it called for 2.5ml/gal. So this morning, I drained system again, refilled and added nutes. They have been drinking a LITTLE water the last couple of days, and I think they might be turning the corner


@peachfuzz how high are your lights above your plants


I have 8 inch ducted hoods… so my fan moves alot of air , I think it’s close to 1000 cfm and I have it on a speed controller , so depending on if I’m using all 3 tables or just one , I can use the speed controller to control the heat…the plants can be touching the glass with no issues … but I usually try to stay about 20 inches above the canopy just so I have a good footprint of light…
My only concern is the footprint , so that all buds get the same amount of light… sorry for the long answer… :wink:



I have only 1 flower table going at the moment with 5 plants that I didn’t really take care of and just through them in just to push them through…
But I have to go out and water and feed them in a min , hopefully they are not dead… I’m not sure when i waterd them last… so if there still alive I’ll get a pic… I have to do some cleaning as well on the last table I ran… I’ll try to get you some pics of my room , it’s just hard to understand what’s going on in there because theres not alot of room to get everything in one picture… :grin:



@BigJon for you


They are still drinking a LITTLE water.
PPM - 980. PH - 5.9


So I’m farther along, at this point, than I’ve ever been. To boldly go where I’ve never gone before is going to take some help. Like @Donaldj when do I give them the DKB? I can’t empty my containers completely, so I plan on doing like @TDubWilly and raise pH to lock them out for flush. I just don’t know when to do these things. I’m thinking one week before flush on DKB, but I’m thinking this will be about 3weeks before harvest. I don’t know if that’s right, and if it is, I don’t know when I’ll be 3 weeks out. Tomorrow begins week 7 since I first saw flowers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
@peachfuzz @Bogleg


Heck yeah. Wife just pushed the order button for my new 1/4hp water chiller. I now know root rot was ALWAYS my problem before, I just didn’t notice it


Week 7 since you seen flowers , but how many weeks since light flip?
It usually takes 10 to 12 weeks since actual light flip…:wink:
Also , I would not go crazy with the ph to lock them out as you said , just empty and fill with water last week… even if there is a little residue of nutrients , it won’t be enough to worry about and also you want to leave the lights off for the last 3 days and chop in the dark… :wink:



August 23rd was actual light flip


I counted wrong. Didn’t see flowers till about August 31st. No, that’s right, start week 7 tomorrow. From first flower, week 8 1/2 from light flip


So 7 weeks and a couple of days… so 3 to 4 1/2 weeks left… :wink:
You should be just fine… there going to start drinking again here shortly… there gonna start putting on weight in another couple of days…
Now is when you need to start adding more k …:wink: