All aboard.... Trainwreck 2 plants, going for 3 lbs


I am using the pure cane sugar just like you told me before, Sinsei.


LKB is 0-10-10. At least that’s what my bottle says. :slight_smile:

That makes perfect sense. I am planning on switching to the maxi when I run out of the flora stuff.


lmao cross eyed this morning you are correct


I still haven’t figured out how y’all make the quotes show up in a box


Same here I can’t even tag no more 4 some reason


And so our saga continues. Day 1 of week 3 flower

Changed out reservoir
50gal water
25ml dechlorinator
100ml hydrogaurd
100ml armor si
125ml Cal mag
3/4 cup maxibloom
3/4 cup pure cane sugar
50ml liquid Kool Bloom
250ml diamond Nectar
PPM - 1150. PH - 5.7


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still haven’t figured out how y’all make the quotes show up in a box


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Does anyone know approximately how long a flower period for Trainwreck to finish. Web site says “you should see flowering in about 8 weeks”. I’m confused. Is that the start of flowering, or how long of a flower period.


HOLY CRAP!!! I came in today and I discovered something all over my plants like a powder or something.

No worries, it’s only trichomes


@TDubWilly do you think I got my Scrog right?


Oh yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!


I am beyond excited to try this scrog technique next run, the spacing between your branches is insane!


32 Sq feet of awesome :muscle:


Haha it looks awesome! Are you going to install a 2nd layer scrog?


If I need to in order to support buds



@Donaldj @TDubWilly @Bogleg
Between reservoir changes, when I need to add water, if I need to get my PPM’s up, do y’all just add base nutrients, or everything you’re using?
Enquiring minds want to know.


I mix up new solution exactly as I did the original, usually.

So for example if I am going full meal deal in flower with Lucas Formula + Benies, when I need to add nutes to my reservoir I mix up that same exact mix in a five gallon bucket and use it to top off. If I want to raise PPMs or lower PPMs, I will adjust the nutrients but at the same ratios (i.e. 1/2 strength Lucas Formula and half the benies).

If I started at 1000 ppm and I’m now down to say, 500, I just add 1000 ppm water back in usually.


I should add that I generally like to do a res change when I have replaced all the water… so if I have a tote that can hold 8 gallons of water and I’ve got a single large plant on it that’s taking up a gallon a day from the reservoir, I do a complete change every week. But in veg with that same tote and same plant it might only take up a gallon of water every three days, so I’ll go three weeks between changes then.

A lot of that depends on how stable pH is.