All aboard.... Trainwreck 2 plants, going for 3 lbs


You don’t need to use everything they suggest all GH product lines are designed to grow a variety of plants not Cannabis so some add ins are overkill. I substitute Florlicious with simple Raw Cane sugar which has both sulfer and Mag to help with scent and terp levels and is cheaply found in most grocery stores unlike Mol it won’t make res foam is cleaner to mix and work with tbs a Gal goes a long way. The LKB should be used close to directed but is far less needed running maxi series than flora series being that the PK in bloom is pretty decent even without 5-15-14 and LKB is 10-10-10 and most tailer base nutrients to accommodate the LKB with flora series.
Thing I like most about Maxi line is it’s powders not paying for water and it doesn’t take up lots of space splash or dry out a 2lb bag of each costs less than 1L bottles of 3 part and will get you through several grows even with larger res not a bottle of 1 left half full and the rest being empty at end of grow


I am using the pure cane sugar just like you told me before, Sinsei.


LKB is 0-10-10. At least that’s what my bottle says. :slight_smile:

That makes perfect sense. I am planning on switching to the maxi when I run out of the flora stuff.


lmao cross eyed this morning you are correct


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And so our saga continues. Day 1 of week 3 flower

Changed out reservoir
50gal water
25ml dechlorinator
100ml hydrogaurd
100ml armor si
125ml Cal mag
3/4 cup maxibloom
3/4 cup pure cane sugar
50ml liquid Kool Bloom
250ml diamond Nectar
PPM - 1150. PH - 5.7


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still haven’t figured out how y’all make the quotes show up in a box


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Does anyone know approximately how long a flower period for Trainwreck to finish. Web site says “you should see flowering in about 8 weeks”. I’m confused. Is that the start of flowering, or how long of a flower period.


HOLY CRAP!!! I came in today and I discovered something all over my plants like a powder or something.

No worries, it’s only trichomes


@TDubWilly do you think I got my Scrog right?


Oh yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!


I am beyond excited to try this scrog technique next run, the spacing between your branches is insane!


32 Sq feet of awesome :muscle:


Haha it looks awesome! Are you going to install a 2nd layer scrog?


If I need to in order to support buds