All aboard.... Trainwreck 2 plants, going for 3 lbs


Hay @raustin tag me in ur grow I wanna see


Changed water today @peachfuzz
PPM-1430. PH-5.8


Lookin good… :grin:
Just went outside and took pics of the girls I got going… it was while they were sleeping and I was using my green light so my flash didn’t go off… :wink:

I’ll get some better pics when lights on hopefully… :grin:



I wonder if your not over feeding… I know it seems weird for such big plants … but something seems a lil off by your pics…
Are you still in veg?
What’s age of plant?
What’s ppm again , as of now?
What’s ph?
What’s water temps?
What are air temps at canopy?
What’s humidity at canopy level?
Are you using a MH or a HPS bulb?
What is your water height… are you at least maintaining a 1 inch air gap between net basket and water level…?
I like to let water levels fall 1 inch for every 2 weeks during flower… helps with keeping plants healthy and they will grow more air roots… :wink:


@peachfuzz yes, they are in veg. They say you start veg when you have 5 true sets of leaves. I’m not sure what a “true” set is.

This was July 13, so I’m going with about 4 weeks in veg.
PPM- 1430 PH- 5.8 as of reservoir change yesterday. Water temperature has been running around 70.4
Air temp at canopy 74
Humidity at canopy 50%
1000w MH light
When I fill my reservoir, water is approximately 11/2 inch below net pot and drifts down from there.
PPM running about 1340 for the last couple of weeks and holding steady. When water level would drop enough to add 5gal of water, I added water with hydrogaurd and call mag, so PPM’s would fall slightly when I added water. Everything was holding pretty steady and they weren’t drinking very much until Friday night. When I went over yesterday, PPM’s had dropped about 100 and they had drank about 5gal in one day. PPM’s had dropped to about 1150 before this happened.
I’m using the GH maxi series for the first time. Instructions says 1-2teaspoons per gallon. I’m only using 3/4teaspoon per gallon. My PPM’s have NEVER run this high before using GH 3-part. If I would get them up close to 1000, they would burn. They seem to like this new stuff, but I could be wrong.
According to GH maxi series feeding chart, my PPM’s should be 1050-1400


@peachfuzz still having problems with my water pump/timer situation. I thought things were going fine. When I went over Friday at 1, pump came on and shut off just like it was supposed to. When I went yesterday at 4, it didn’t come on, so I plugged straight into outlet. I will have to sit down and figure out what’s going on. I’m sure I overlooked something while setting up timer.
Every grow I’ve had, something has gone wrong. Then again, I learn more with each grow. I DO very much appreciate everyone’s help.


@TDubWilly @Bogleg @peachfuzz @BigDaddyCain @allhydropeople
This time I’m doing 2 plants that are the same. Due to my setup, what ever one plant gets, so does the other. How would this setup work with 2 different strains? I can’t adjust ppm level different for each one. Some like higher ppm, some like lower. What if they don’t “finish” at the same time. Can’t flush one without flushing the other.


@Donaldj I started using a little Diamond Nectar. Is this good or a waste?


I use diamond nectar and have always had good results… :grin:
As to your other question about different strains in the same system? I do it all the time… my flowering totes hold up to six plants , depending on their size… right now I have 3 different strains running and they all get the same thing as far as feeding goes… I kind of think of it this way… what one plant might not want , another one will and vice, versa … I’ve only had one cycle that I lost a girl and it was only do to the fact that she was so big and heavy that the whole plant with net cup and all fell into the reservoir and I didn’t see it in time , so she drowned…
But I never really see any issues with nutrients as long as there’s enough for all of the plants for the stage that they’re in and size and the ph is in range… :wink:



I always grow different strains in my set up I can grow 4 plants at a time and I look at it same as peach if one plant doesn’t like it the others might lol never had a problem with that also the different finish times when they all have amber I flush and I harvest at different times they will still ripen in the water I cut the ones that are done and move them to dry room and let the others flush longer till I get that good couch lock amber I like lol but yes grow as many different strains as u like aunt remember indices and sativas grow at different time lines indies grow slower and are normally done in 8-10 weeks and sativa are normally 9-12 weeks so I do up the mid I grow for 9weeks and flush weeks 10-12 it’s nice to have a verity to pic from when smokeing lol


@Grandaddy013 ok I think you where miss understanding veg starts when u see the first set of true leaves come out so first set of 3 finger serrated leaves you are in veg and it has to be set not the little one that comes out first but the first set meaning 1 on each side with crooks in v for shoots to grow from that’s the true meaning of started veg


@BigDaddyCain do you mean like this


PPM-1440 PH-6.0


It looks like your starting to get leaf tip burn… I would back off the nutrients and bring your ppm down to 950 to 1100 and see if they dont start drinking more water…
I think your right at the high end of your ppm from the looks of your girls… :wink:



@Donaldj when I was changing my water yesterday, I discovered that my armor si had turned over and all leaked out. Therefore, I didn’t have any to add.
My question, the instructions say to add it before cal-mag etc. I ordered more armor si that will be here tomorrow. Can I go ahead and add it?


you can add but it will raise ph and take time to blend through res so may require ph adjusting for a day or 2 after adding


Thanks, buddy :sunglasses:


Add water to drop ppm and don’t adjust ph for a few hrs so you know what the true ph value is u need to let it mix a little



PPM-1240. PH-5.7
Moved the lights up again and did some more topping. @TDubWilly I don’t know what to do. These bitches are getting out of hand


Tie them Bit-hes down some more :wink: