All aboard.... Trainwreck 2 plants, going for 3 lbs

Dropped 2 seeds in the water this morning.

@Donaldj @dbrn32 @TxGrowman @TDubWilly @BIGE @Covertgrower @anyonethat wants
Come along for the ride. Tell me where I screw up, and just fellowship


I want to see how it done

Sure! I’ll follow along. Anything growing and green, I’m in. Thanks @Grandaddy013

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I’ll be in the shadows… :grin:


Count me in too, @Grandaddy013. Very interested to see how the trainwreck goes

I dropped an NYC diesel this morning myself @Grandaddy013


I’m a watchn!
SCROG and hydro I’m guessing?

Those seeds just keep jumping into water all by themselves.


A friend of mine just gave me 2 trainwreck seeds I’m following this i wanna see going to be dropping mine later in the year so this will for sure help me with mine later on :+1::+1::+1:


@Grandaddy013 I’ll follow

Thanks to all of you. Been having a little trouble with the WiFi, but I’ll do my best to make this a good one

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@337badazz I don’t know how it’s done, but I’m thinking with the help from all the good people on here, WE can make it happen

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How big of a space? I am looking forward to seeing this!

@Bogleg spare bedroom about 13x13 with panda film cutting it in half


Awesome - what you gonna use for lights?

2 1000w mh/hos lights. RDWC in 20 gallon trash cans with another one for resivoir


Step #2 place soaked seeds in wet paper towel. Check

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Niiice! I wish I had that kind of designated space.

It’s at a separate location from where I live. Sometimes it can be a pain @Covertgrower


I may have to the same. After moving. Never know. @Grandaddy013