All aboard the NavyVet's Fall grow

Hi and welcome to NavyVet’s Fall grow.

Things have been a little rough, 2 seeds, a BBA and a GSCEA were dropped into soil as my preferred germination process. Those never amounted to anything, dug one up and it showed cracked open but dead tap, same with the other seed.

Dropped one of each in water to attempt the soaking method. Bean never sunk but it did seperate sprout from hull. I took sprout and put in in soil and placed on window sill. The GSCEA never sank or cracked open so I dropped a 2nd.

Those 2 were able to be planted and although they are “growing” I have my doubts they will survive so I dropped 2 more of each.

I can honestly say that the success rate on the BBA and GSCEA have been way below my expectation. 9 seeds started, 3 failed and 2 not so happy looking seedlings, this is not counting the failed BBA and GSCEA seeds from Spring grow that have already been replaced by ILGM.


I would explore your germination techniques and rule that out before you look to the genetics as the culprit. I use distilled water and peroxide with near as no mind 100% success.


None of my seeds have ever sank but they all sprout tails in about 24hrs, EXCEPT the blueberry auto. Took nearly 48hrs soaking but finally did. But again, never sank.


I did the water and H202 soak, GCSEA never sank, bloated or cracked after 7 days. My success rate with WWA was damn near spotless dropping them straight into dirt. I still have 15 BBA to plant, let’s see how they go.

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That was my concern when the BBA didn’t sink but came home to Hull and sprout seperated, she looked great when it popped through but now she looks weak.

I soak for 24 hours, if they don’t sink after 3 hours i push them under water. This normally has them sink. From water to forever pot. Works for me…


They are looking so much happier now. Looks like I will be planting 6 instead of 2 :grin:. That’s a good problem to have, no?

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Looking good, glad you had the turn around. Good start.

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Boy, I tell ya what ( best Hank Hill voice)…these girls are really hell bent on testing my fortitude. Went out to trail ride and potentially sell one of my horses trained for trail riding. Ride was delayed by 45 minuts waitinf for storm to pass. The high winds had me concerned my cuos would get blown away and that’s all I could think about.

Horse sold, KA-CHING! Got home and saw my cups still on rail and was relieved. That was only short lived…where the cups were, the rain runs off the roof.

Cups were flioded and I thought I had lost the girls in all the dirt that was displaced… Carefully sifted remaining dirt and water to find both sprouts still in cups, although completely under water and dirt.

A replant was scheduled, happened a fewer days than expected.

GSCE Auto to the left, BBA to the right with notch cut out of cup.


Wow, good save.

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Here, the GSCE auto seeds cracked and had tail in less than 24 hours-

38 hours later and no Blueberry seeds cracked open, how much longer do I let them soak before calling them duds?

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Don’t call them dudes just yet, drop them in soil and put in the veg tent. They may surprise you. If they don’t pop no problem drop next viable seed in that cup. :wink:

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I am NOT meant to grow Blueberry…my one remaining sprout that I saved from drowning yesterday just ended up as lunch for one of the-

Luckily, my wife was able to save my GSCE.

Haha dont u always end up above projectd plant count… lmao. But im here and set to watching. Didnt want no tag no way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And after 24 hour soak… they either have a tail n go into soil. Ones without go in the paper towel for a max of 24 more… then into soil. Sink or swim


I don’t tag many people anymore, except in occasions such as this…

First, let me say I am a true believer in Karma. I always do my best to live by The Golden Rule.

I honestly believe I got a little Karmic restitution tonight.

I’ve documented my ups and downs with seeds lately, the most recent being a :turkey: eating one of my sprouts. While breaking apart a bud from my last White Widow Auto, found a gem!!!

@PurpNGold74 @Bobbydigital @AAA @imSICKkid @zparkie2 @shindig153


Haha aint that awesome. Id send ILGM a thanks n a plus one in the seed malfunction category :joy::joy::+1:t5::+1:t5:

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Was it self pollinated or from an outside source? Curious if a male pollinates an auto, would the seed take on the mothers ruderalis genes or if it’d be a toss up.

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If I got a seed, wouldn’t that mean my plant was pollinated…all my plants are autos or my one LSD Fem. Does that mean someone near me is also growing and had a male plant? Is this what they call “hermied”?

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You postes this as I was was typing mine. I live in a very unfriendly state so I don’t suspect many growers around me but then again, I am out in the country.

It will be interesting to see what happens, I definitely won’t start it til next year, not knowing the pollen source.

It could be one of your ladies hermed or an outside pollen source, either way, you got a seed!!

Good karma