I’ll tell you what- this is the best board I’ve tried! Alot of helpful/knowledgeable people! This is AWESOME. That said, in all of the research I’ve done on this, the peat moss thing seems to be the answer. I read about the soil acidifiers, and found the same thing about it having to break down into a nitrate, which takes awhile and I feel like they are more for outdoor gardeners. Im not ungrateful for the advice about it at all, but the science sounded pretty legit lol. I don’t know if you read the other comment I made, but I planned in moving the girls into 10 gal pots this weekend. I feel like that may help if at least half the soil was correct. There’s still that Silica soil conditioner in the original soil and I’m not sure how much it will affect the run off being half and half, but I DID think about using peat in the additional mix. I already have a HUGE bag of it. It was from last summer though. It should still be fine to use right? Its outside, but double wrapped in contractor bags and the original packaging with just the side of the original packaging torn open a bit in the corner. What percentage of peat would you recommend? Thanks for the heads up on the watering of it btw. And should I add my usual Worm castings to the mix? Its worm gold plus with kelp and rock dust.

Oh yeah, and would you add some Perlite as well?

Sorry, for some reason, I thought what you were saying. Forgive me. I can be a little slow sometimes lol.

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Yeah using it from a year ago should be fine, with it being open I’d just make sure you don’t have any bugs or anything in it. I personally feel like you can never go wrong on worm castings but in this particular case I’d add the peat then read the room while trying to push your pH down.

In all honesty idk what kinda space you working with but jumping from 5 gal to 10 and you gone have some monstrous girls. Why not 7 gal?

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Alright cool, I’ll check the peat really carefully. Why 10 Gal? Because I’m slow lol!!! No seriously though, I was going to get 7 gal, but I just wasn’t sure that 2 extra gal of medium was going to make the difference I needed. I don’t have much space, height wise at all. Only 6 ft. But another mistake I made was vegging for the entire "recommended 8 weeks stated on the seed packet :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So now I’m in week 7, and planned to switch them next week if I could get them back healthy enough and they are already like 30 in tall with the pots and thats with alot of LST. So if they double or more in height, I’m in trouble. Im going to have to super crop them before flipping. I didn’t want to, but I can’t take the chance of them getting to tall. I’m definitely open to suggestions on this, but another thing is, the 2 Weeding Cake are sucking water down like crazy. I water until I get a little run off and they only last about 2 days on that. I was watering every 3 days once I would see a little droop and the pots were light, but I guess because of their size, that isn’t enough lately. 1 if them got so droopy, the leaves were hanging all the way down to the point of being hard to water lol. Do you super crop? Does my plan suck? I’m using Spider Farmer so the lights are pretty thing. I xan hang them about 7 in from the top of the tent if I rig them up with something versus using the adjustable cables

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Supercropping isn’t a bad idea. I’ve done it in emergencies but its not really my bag. Def don’t advise 10 gal pots if you’re running out of space. Do you have the option of adding a scrog net? Pushing em down with a scrog will make them wider and take up your space laterally, but you’d get more headroom. So really it would be LSTing with a net essentially. If you could swing that, I’d change the pots, wait a few days for some recovery, push em down with the net and flip em. This is also taking into the fact that the stems aren’t too stiff to bend. Then after stretch you could take the net off and keep it moving if u want. I personally like being able to pick my pots up look at leaves etc. If that’s not an issue you could keep em netted and just water. Def keep us posted with pics etc.

1st off, just want to say thanks again for being generous enough with your time in attempting to help me. So beings this is my first go round, every stage is a learning curve. I was JUST watching a guy take a huge (tall) plant and stuffed it under and through a scrog IN A 3 FOOT TENT :rofl::rofl::rofl:. It worked amazing and like you said, he filled the tent up with this very streamline plant, by just wearing what he had in all directions. Im thinking you are absolutely correct. Also correct is the fact, that I also like to be able to move my plants around. As is, I probably shouldn’t have put 4 plants in a 4x4x6. I popped 4 beans, expecting 1 to not make it, and didn’t have the heart to destroy it lol. Another issue is that I didn’t watch the dimensions of the pots as I graduated up, so the 3 gal pots were 12" tall. I put about 11" of soil in there, then when I went to put them in 5 gal, all of the bags were like 11" maybe 11 and a quarter. So as you can imagine, I have this hill in the middle of my pots and the water loves to roll down the sides, making it ever more important to be able to take them out, spray them, and rotate as I water. TAKES FORVER :sweat_smile:. Im learning alot- the hard way. Anyways, that was my only issue with the net, is the maneuverability of the space, but it looks like Im not going to have a choice in the matter. It should be doable, if I clean the bottom of the plants up really well (kind of lollipop ish). Ok I got it. Thanks again and of course I will send some updates.

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You got this and there’s always challenges and things to learn. There are people so freaking smart on here itd make your head spin and some people who automate their grows then people like me who find it therapeutic to do things in a much older kinda style. Enjoy the journey and do what works for you. Dont be hard on yourself. I’ve been doing this only a few years and well…I’m always experimenting but always getting better too. If you’re a yield focused person just try to beat your yield with each subsequent grow versus comparing to others. The rest is just fun. Sounds like you were watching the MrCanucks video? I saw him scrog a few tall plants down in one of his.

I appreciate the words of encouragement. Im sort of a perfectionist and don’t take failure well, not to mention, I actually feel bad for the plants when I don’t do the right thing. Im not really abseiling guy. Im just growing for my wife and myself. I have glaucoma and cannabis has brought my eye pressure down by 25 points in the last few years, so I WOULD like to grow cannabis the way it should be, so it will have high levels of all the right stuff. IDO watch Mr. Cannuk for sure, but I actually saw this bald headed guy who wrote a book and is on YT, do the 4 and half foot plant in a 3ft tent. Cannuk is one of my top 2, but he does alot of autos, and since mine are photos, AND he prefers Coco and Im in soil, so I’ve been watching more people who grow like how my set up is. I DID see Cannuk go through an entire grow with Gai green living soil and freaking compost tea and that blew my mind. Gaia products cost too much to have shipped to me though. I also like the work. Im kind of a workaholic, so I get excited when it’s a feeding day or training day for the plants lol. I have a 50 ft x 50 ft garden, but I brought in a few truck load of dirt and got a few compost tumblers and its been a piece of cake compared to this indoor Cannabis grow to be honest lol! And yea, this is my 5th forum and all the rest were rude and honestly didn’t have anyone who I personally felt was on point. ESPECIALLY in regards to soil. Everyone on this forum has been super cool and I’ve learned alot already. Hopefully I’ll get these girls back on track, so I have more time to read through this forum. There is alot of info on here. Btw an ounce of good bud around my way is 325 BUCKS! And I love good bud. I can’t stand and will not smoke some garbage. So that in and of itself is enough to make me want to perfect the grow. Anyways, don’t want to start rambling. Its been nice to have some folks to talk to about this!!! Real nice. I can’t thank y’all enough and hopefully soon, I’ll have a dope yield to show you guys. I’m sure I’ll have something to bug you about in the next 8-9 weeks. One thing I DO know, is veg is the easy part. Even in my garden, the problems, if any don’t arise until its time to produce the fruit/vegetable :joy: