Aligator leaves

Hello, I am growing ten White Widow autos and all is well. I am 8 weeks into flower and have nice buds. The question I have is on some, not all, of the colas the small sugar leaves and some of the smaller fan leaves are getting very dark green/blue, leathery, and slightly curling. I don’t have a camera. I have seen this on a few plants on other grows. I assumed it was a sign of maturity but thought I would ask.

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Need more info so can you please fill a support ticket out? That would be a plus. To bad about no photos. You can take pictures with your phone and you can upload them in posts you create.

What temperature do you have? Because color change could be due to cold temps. :+1:

How about a picture in natural (white) light?

Dark green is actually a sign of N toxicity and not really a good thing.

I don’t have a cell phone or a camera… lol I know I am weird. Got rid of it when I retired.

I have a bedroom with 12 1200watt LED (cheap kind) and two rows of 5 plants. I have a bathroom exhaust type fan in between all of the plants on the deck and it is vented through the ceiling. Ceiling fan runs on medium all the time. Temperature is usually between 85-90 and humidity is 35-50% (needs to come up) This is my set up.

I don’t use nutrients anymore because they are a PITA. I use 5 gallon cloth pots. For soil I use the FFOF mixed with Living Earth supper soil. This does not require any other nutrients, you will burn your plants. My water is from the ground here and ph is 6.8-7. Water every two or three days and do nothing else.

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You have a pheno that is probably sensitive to higher levels of N compared to others you’ve grown. Not much you can do in soil as you’re growing. Flush but then you’d have to supplement. Without pictures this is going to be of limited value.

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They look really good and really sticky. I was just curious if this was normal toward the end of the grow. Leathery is a good word. It is more texture than color, and just the small and thin leaves at the top. Thanks for the reply. The soil mixture works really well by the way, but it was a learning process.

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Temps seem pretty darn high to me man. If you are late in flower I wouldn’t worry at all about bringing humidity up. Actually, I drop it lower and lower in flower and by the end I’m shooting for 25-30 rh.


Your ph is a little high also. Good luck to you

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I am going to get a humidifier for the next grow, and then will start replacing my lights with better ones. I still had a few that stretched a little. There is a couple ounces per plant and that is my best grow yet with autos. What ph should I try to achieve and what is the best way to bring it down.

@badmaster1 anywhere from 6.3-6.7 get a ph tester and depending on your ph you’ll need PH up or down. I got all of mine on Amazon.
Good luck I’ll be watching.

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