Alien 👽 plant, but it still looks good

Hey Growmies,

I hope you all are doing well and growing some amazing strains.

I’m growing an ILGM Bruce Banner Autoflower and it looks out of this world.

To share a little background I grew two of these plants side by side. One was normal and is drying out at this time. The other just looks weird, deformed, mutated, insert your favorite adjective here.

Grow info
Planted = 4/6/23, sprouted within 3 days, started flower by 4/26/23. 92 days old. Other Bruce Banner was harvested at 85 days and looked normal.
Medium = Coco
Nutes = Jacks 321, fishsh!t, Silica
Lights = HLG Diablo Scorpion, 18/6
Temps = 70-88
Fans = two oscillating in tent, fresh air in, exhaust out.

Please share your experiences. I had a similar plant with ILGM Zkittlez Autoflower.


Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
Tbh the bud looks good and I will dry it out and give it a try. With the buds so tightly compacted I planning to break it up when drying it out. I do not want mold to ruin this oddly magnificent plant.


This is an interesting observation as I plan on growing more autos from ILGM. I’m just on my first two now, but they are both looking very healthy at about 2 weeks apart. Banana Kush Auto.

I did however super crop one and top them both.


Well that certainly is an interesting pheno! I’ve never seen one quite like that but autos do give me fits because they’ve been very inconsistent for me. 5 beans in a pack 6 different auto phenos lol!

That said, sometimes you do get a rockstar tho!

Here’s a critical+ 2.0 auto im growing. Super frosty and smells great but horrible whispy bud structure…this one is going straight to my bubble hash bin when i chop her lol


@JimWantsToGrow your plants look great.


She’s looking nice and frosty.

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Thank you @MoFo . Wife thinks I spend too much time with them. Ha!


@JimWantsToGrow i check on mine daily to make sure everything is working as it should.


I have it on my schedule for first thing every day. Doesn’t always happen first thing, but it is the first thing on my mind. :slight_smile:

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Well it looks like it is time for the alien nugs to start drying out. I am pretty excited and have got some new seedlings ready to go with the hope that I will grow normal Bruce Banner plants.


So I harvested the plant and ended up with 33 grams.

It was a short grow that was roughly 3 months start to finish.

So if you find yourself with an alien :alien: plant you can decide if it is worth it for you.

Happy Growing,



Chop chop time is always a good time :grin:. Hope that freaky lil plant turns out to be good smoke. Looks like the blob trying to crawl out of the pot


I’m running BkA now Growmie :love_you_gesture::call_me_hand: tag me in your grow please.

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looking nice. this is me, some super stretched and got taller than i anticipated


@Justblaze did you top them?

yes sir, i think its a must if growing indoors


@DoneDeal I will tag in next grow.
Thanks for the post.

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@Justblaze are you growing autos or photos?

Had that issue with too tall after topping, so I had to super crop and man did the colas really start to fatten up and get really sticky afterwards.

@DoneDeal you mean here in the forum or journal? I don’t have a thread for my grow, but I do have journals.

Should I have a thread for my grow, or just the journals?

How would I tag someone in one of the journals? Or do you?

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