Alien looking plants - What are these?

Question from a fellow grower:

I have an inquiry about these plants. I’m going to attach some photos for you. You will see my awesome plants & some alien looking ones lol I’ve never seen this before. In all the years I’ve been growing. So I wanted to reach out to y’all & see if maybe you’ve had this happen or if maybe ir was a seed mix up ?
I followed your directions to a T. From starting in water, to where they are now.
These 3 plants just don’t mesh. They don’t look right ? I’m going to add several photos. And will circle the aliens in the group photo.



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Duckfoot maybe?

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It is abnormal, but I’ve seen it before. I get that on my revegged plants. They grow out of it.

Plants 4 weeks before harvest.

20 days after harvest.

The plant today (about 2 months after harvest)


Meet the freak show strain.


I think the switch from flower to veg does something funky to the plants. I just had a similar experience recently too, but the plant returned to normal in a couple weeks.

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It’s possible they were put outside when light was 12 hrs or less. And as the season progressed it gave longer hours of light and is now revegging.
If started with low hours of light they may feel they have to flower , then light hours get longer and it reverts to vegetation stage causing the funky leaves. No big deal , let them grow . They will gradually get the leaves you desire and are normal veg leaves.

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Looks to me is just maybe over watered or root locked or something. Ph is out of whack what soil is it whats the run off ppm and ph numbers. Its got issues. That green stuff is not supposed to be on the dirt either thats not good for roots at all. Maybe let it dry out til dry also if in soil.

my SLH strain had almost identical looking leaves when they first came up. Two kept ostriching back to the dirt and didn’t make it but the 3rd looked almost JUST like that for it’s first few weeks then as BetrayedSoul said , turned into normal looking MJ leaves and it is THRIVING now :wink: