Algae in my roots?

Has anyone seen this before?

I used a white plastic pot. Assume it let light through?

There is another grower that is experiencing the same problem. I can’t remember the handle but I bet if you put algae in the search function you should be able to find the thread. I think the consensus was transplanting would stop the growth.

I haven’t encountered algae but I have had a mushroom sprout once.

Handle is NYDon


The right combination of light and moisture. Cover either with soil or something…

Oh yeah! I remember looking at that thread too. Cool, just wanted confirmation.

Thats the problem when using white pots or clear solo cups i would spray ur pots black


Hey Dankloud!

I start in clear solo cups and then put that cup inside an opaque cup. That way I can pull out the clear solo to look at root development and moisture content.

That’s just what I do but find the method that fits you!

Happy growing.

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I had this happen to me when I first started. Which was rough as I did not not join here till much later. I used clear glass cups. Obviously no drainage holes. So I had green mold form in the soil. I corrected this problem real fast.

Clear glass + serious heat well past 90 degrees + moisture not able to drain = green slime mold.

Once I transferred to just putting the seeds with tap roots into their forever home I no longer get mold.

Yeah my beginning I made a lot of mistakes but the biggest was not joining before I started buying gear. Live and learn the hard way.


Yeah luckily I had good guidance before I started spending a bunch of money lmao. Mostly thanks to @MaD-VapoR and in turn @Hellraiser :rofl:

In the future I’m going to be using clear solo cups inside of opaque cups, then Rain Science bags.


LOL! Somehow I picked up a party pack of solos in all different colors. Makes it nice for backup identification for different strains should the name tags get lost or ink smudges/fades.