ALERT**GalaxyHydro 300w Full Spectrum LED



Tell her she gets her video when you get your light and not s day sooner lol @Screwauger


That’s what I told her I would do an “unboxing” of the new light and she said, oh no, you do it in next two days. I do have a tracking number for the new light and “Miss Max” should be an easy person to find, right?? LOL

I want “money for renumeration.” Never a dull moment in this life. Love it.


No way, I want the free 600w Roleadro to “test” for them.


Omgosh this post went from super serious, to waayy at the other end. Congrats on being “Lord of the light”… can’t say I know any light testers either… @Screwauger


Yes. Yes it did. hahaha

And now for something completely different


Got a reply from Miss Max, all better now!!

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Willd @bob31 @Rugar89 @Mischief @Jmesser80 @Smokin_ernie @Capt_Seeweed @Zombo

It’s ok , Steven .
We are in the different side of the world , so it is reasonalble that you didn’t aware it . But it doesn’t matter, you don’t need to feel sorry for this .
And I think if it is not because of this misunderstanding , maybe we don’t have the chance to be friend and talk more about products. So nothing is better than this now.
I will wait for the video , thank you so much and hope I haven’t disturb your dream
Miss Max


See that! Making the world a better place! @Screwauger


We referred to those lil film canisters we put stash in a “silver bullet” way before Coors’ ever peddled their swill east of the Mississippi
Also looks as though “mi desk es su desk” :smile:


Outta likes!

Half of my family worked for Eastman Kodak “back in the day.” It sure sucked when we all had to start paying to have film and pics developed as opposed to handing a bag off to my cousin. Nothing EVER stays the same (except my weed).


You da man @Screwauger… Flexing those PR skills !


If she only knew all that I “didn’t aware it”


She watched my video and refunded me $30 which ain’t too shabby considering I got the light in a “lightening Deal” and only paid $54 for it (or one of the three lights).
Say’s Monday she will contact me about testing a 45w LED light bar.
What have a I gotten myself into here hahahaha


@Screwauger sounds like they are going to send you some free lights to test for them huh.


Love the Film Containers,I retired from Eastman Kodak in 2012 after 35 years in the photo business.


No likes left but I like.
@southbound Did you work in Rochester NY? Know any Gailey’s?


No, Miami Florida


I seen in the other thread you were interested in growing with cobs?

It just so happens there’s a decent cob mod for your galaxy hydro, may be worth going that route instead of replacing drivers


Sounds interesting @dbrn32
Life has been kinda crazy including work and my grow but my new light should be here tomorrow.
In addition, just got this (my videographer fee).

shenzhen houyi lighting co.,ltd sent you $30.00 USD

Have not even had ten minutes to look for my meter or run to tool warehouse to grab a new one.
I will tag you when I have some time to devote.


No worries bud. I was looking around at different options and had a hard time finding a direct replacement for those drivers. I’m not even 100% sure the picture I found is the exact driver in your light.

We’ll look into it more whenever you have the time.


Hey @dbrn32 a funny thing happened on my way to figuring this out.

I finally found my meter and my wall outlet diagnostic thingy.

The outlet I had my tent plugged into (when the LED did it’s funky not really off thing) was tested again when I wasn’t panicked. Turns out it was wired incorrectly and after correcting it, the LED works fine plugged back into the timer and then to that initial outlet. I’ve not been able to reproduce the dim glow at off cycle again.

Funny in that GH so quickly took the blame and sent out a “new” light. I feel slightly ashamed but I have a fourth LED now LOL.

Just a quick update but I am still interested in possible tackling the COB hack to one of them. Can you tell me if there would be soldering involved and approx cash layout? Thx very much.