ALERT**GalaxyHydro 300w Full Spectrum LED



Rumor has it your light has 3 of these.

In other news, I don’t see a direct replacement from meanwell. Or at least haven’t found one, but I’ll keep looking. There are quite a few people it seems doing cob conversions on these. So that could be an option if you feel like getting wild with it.


I woke this morning to an email from GH and a tracking number (UPS) for my new light. I thanked the CS agent and then she sent this email:

And one thing need your help is , if possible, can you help us take a short video and upload it on the product review ?
If yes, I would like to refund you some money as remuneration .

And if all things goes well this time, I would like to invite you to be our new light tester , so that you can get them for free or really big discount at least .
How do you think about this ?
MIss Max.

Screwauger; Official GH light tester, at your service.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @bob31 @Willd


I’m out of likes but that is awesome. Mr Light Tester!



So you are The Lord of Light @Screwauger… Lol… Sounds great


Hard to argue with that!


Dude your a lucky freaking guy


I feel bad for being short with her Wednesday after seeing the extent of the typhoon on the news. I apologized but was a bit frank in my email and my conscience is haunting me.


Good on ya man! :+1::+1:


well I’m sure there is some sort of moral dispensation for becoming their new light tester? @Screwauger

Maybe at some point down the road you could send a follow up and smooth it over a little.


lol I might break one of mine and see if they offer me the same hahaha


Just use my photo and say hey, one of these stays lit after power off. That’s some funny ch*t right there @Countryboyjvd1971


Done. After I posted this earlier I went to email and sent her this: Brown nosing!!

Miss Max,

I realize you are likely gone for the day. I wanted to apologize again after seeing the extent of the typhoon to hit your area. I was unaware at the time and I feel bad for being abrupt with you about the email earlier this week.
Please accept my sincerest apologies and my hope and prayers that you and your friends and family are all ok?

I uploaded video to my product review.

Steve J

Maine, USA


I just might lol @Screwauger
I’ve been know to run a scam once or twice lol
My luck they would want mine back hahaha


My first thought was “oh yeah, why couldn’t this be Advanced or King or Viparspectra, no galaxyhydro!” Man IS never satisfied. lol


Free light or steep discounts woohoo you know they work ?


They might rethink that whole “ask a stoner to produce a video” thing once they see it hahaha.


A little humble pie isn’t a bad thing! Catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar! @Screwauger

Let us know if they post it. hahaha we could use the entertainment!


Your to funny
Take your time with it and doa kick ass video with time lapse lol thatvwould be cool :+1:


just dont plug it into a watt meter @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971


Funny you say that as I wanted to wait and told her by Sunday I would have it up. She seemed really pressed to have me do it in the next two days. I downloaded a movie app because that’s right, my powerful iphone 7 has no video pause. I googled it and it’s been a pet peeve for years. I did find a neat app and did a video but man, it’s rough around the edges, hahaha send me my “remuneration.”